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Examples Set-2 (Factorisation Method to Evaluate Limits)
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This lesson explains some very good examples on factorisation method for evaluating limits jee main and advanced

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Vineet Loomba
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In Question: 2100 in 2 yrs, 2250 in 3 yrs You have calculated rate of interest by taking simple interest of 2 year. You should have taken Interest (50) and rate = 50 * 100 /2000
Sandeep prasad
2 years ago
yes. same doubt. rate would be different if you take 50 instead of 100.
Yogesh Seervi
2 years ago
yes sir same doubt ...
bakvas sir bakvas. I don't understand.
example no 4 ka factrization galat h
Vineet Loomba
6 months ago
Factorisation is right only in one step it is wiritten +6x tht will come -6x in the next step calculations had been done using -6x only answer is correct
Swayam arunav
3 months ago
Sir upar ka factorisation galat hai.....numerator ka
sir factorization galat h
ticks for factorisation is very well sir
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