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Examples Set-2 (Factorisation Method to Evaluate Limits)
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This lesson explains some very good examples on factorisation method for evaluating limits jee main and advanced

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
ticks for factorisation is very well sir
sir example 4 me x³-2x²+6x+9 ka factor x-3 nhi aa raha
sir l hospital rule is not working in example#4
sir hit & trial me most probably ham kis value se check krte h jese apne 2nd ex. me 1 se check kiya tha
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
This is a theory course ..thts why no. Of questions are less... This is not for those whose exam is in january ..this is for those who r reading it first time.. for ques see more advanced courses
Any other method for finding roots...
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