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(Hindi) Limits, Continuity, Differentiability for IIT-JEE (JEE Main and Advanced)


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Vineet Loomba

This course covers all the concepts on limits, continuity and differentiability for JEE Main and Advanced.


35 lessons • 6 h 15 m
🥇💥Introduction- Limits, Continuity, Differentiability🇮🇳

4m 23s

Concept of Limits

11m 43s

Left Hand Limit and Right Hand Limit

12m 12s

Understanding Concept of Limits Graphically

12m 04s


10m 46s

Indeterminate Forms (Limits for IIT-JEE)

12m 34s

Methods to Evaluate Limits Part-1

12m 05s

Examples Set-2 (Factorisation Method to Evaluate Limits)

11m 23s

Methods to Evaluate limits-Rationalisation and Standard Formula

11m 29s

Examples Set-3

10m 44s

Method of Evaluating Algebraic Limits when x tends to infinity

11m 53s

Trigonometric Limits

11m 24s

Examples on Trigonometric Limits

12m 02s

Examples on evaluating Trigonometric Limits Part-2

11m 31s

Evaluating infinity minus infinity and 1^ infinity

10m 36s

Examples on 1^infinity

11m 22s

Exponential and Logarithmic Limits

11m 22s

Exponential and Logarithmic Limits Part-2

10m 42s

L'Hospital Rule

12m 06s

Continuity of a function

12m 16s

Examples on Continuity of a Function at a point

12m 05s

Continuity in an Open and Closed Interval

10m 04s

Types of Discontinuities-Removable Type Isolated and Missing Point

12m 34s

Non-Removable Discontinuity

10m 53s

Differentiability for IIT-JEE

12m 20s

Examples on Differentiability of a function

13m 48s

Understanding Differentiability from Graph with example

11m 03s

Sandwich Theorem

13m 13s

Leibnitz Rule Part-1

11m 39s

Leibnitz Rule Part-2

10m 40s

Leibnitz Rule (Part-3)

11m 45s

Series Expansion (JEE Advanced)

10m 03s

Advanced Problem-1 Limit Continuity Differentiability

9m 31s

Advanced Problem-2 Limit Continuity Differentiability

11m 05s

Advanced Level Passage on Limits

9m 30s



111 reviews

Ankur Kumar

reviewed on Aug 6, 2018

It's a good course for beginner! Each concept is explained in detail and vast amount of problems are covered! Highly recommended!

Mondeep Kalita

reviewed on Jul 25, 2018

Very helpful and thanks a lot sir.. And please make a video on the formulas like cos2 - cos2x because these types of formulae are not included in our NCERT book.

dhvani Sheth

reviewed on Jul 19, 2018

superb teaching by an experienced sir hats off to u for teaching everything for free and motivating others to teach as well.

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