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Examples on Limits portion covered till last lesson.

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
Sir sgn function ki x<0 pr value -1 hoti hai..... aapne x<-1 likha h
Vineet Loomba
6 days ago
if u hear me in the video ..i have asked students to make that correction :)
Galabh Joshi
7 hours ago
Sry sir...... my fault...... I didn't watch the whole video before commenting
Sir hm rhl or lhl lim lete smay dono X ki values questions put nhi kr rahe hn. Hm sirf mod of X ki baat hi qu kr rahe hn bar Barr.... Agr hm limx_0-. Me reverse vale me denominator me value x- put krte hn too(-1)se and to 1aana chahiye na end me
sir signum function m limit x ->1^-1 1 kaise aaya
Vineet Loomba
12 days ago
One se just choti vaue daalo ..say 0.99 so signum will still return u 1 as it positive
Sir is 0^0 is an undefined form like 1^infinity?
thank u sir u are great
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