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Leibnitz Rule (Part-3)
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This lesson concludes the discussion on leibnitz rule with previous year jee main and advanced questions

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
Sir aawaz bahut hi slow hai
Pramod Rana
6 months ago
next time se sahi aayegi
In Question No. 9 X is a part of integrand but still no u*v rule. why?? pls explain.
sir please make a video of maxima and minima 😊😊😊.
Vineet Loomba
a month ago
Check my course on application of derivatives :)
sir are these ques enough
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
yes for theory ....for practice there is no limit
Chaytanya SinHA
10 months ago
i only do my coaching material and sk goyal mcq are these enough for jee sir
Vineet Loomba
10 months ago
yes definitely
  1. 2- .dt . Find the sual yeats the. eaation Solm -> sqwaing But 74-1

  2. Find () 2. 3 a5). CITT aoAJ

  3. 25 5 Pat

  4. le. C- cose 4) cat x (case tomu- tamu Cat M LI /+12

  5. e 11 2u (t) dt 21 I6 AplyL R km 4 .

  6. ams