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Examples on Trigonometric Limits
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In this lesson examples on trigonometric limits have been discussed.

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
Deeksha bajpai
a year ago
sir ye sab trig formulas jo aap is video me applying. Aap ke trig ke course me hai kya?
Vineet Loomba
4 months ago
4 months ago
thank u sir
sir ,when we have to put (x= h+π/2) in trigonometric functions
Vineet Loomba
7 months ago
When limit is not tending to zero
thanx sir
sir please answer this question lim |x+π|÷sinx where x tending to - π
at 8;57 sir if we input - in mod it become + but u take - how
sir plz speak louder while making the courses.
Vineet Loomba
7 months ago
voice seems to be fine on my end and this video has been watched by thousands of students... u can use headphones if needed as sometimes speaker of mobile device gives less audio
Rishabh Kumar
7 months ago
ok sir
  1. TRIGONOMETRIC LiMirs 24 kun igo TI 1.x LHL igo1D Limit Doesh't Exist 20

  2. Example -t 2 Solution - In 2n (2 v) 2-D Examplelimm X: 3 Soluton :- 3 20 sinn 2 2

  3. Example It Am (TT coax) 20 Example - 3 Solutiom. 3 3 3 3 Pc 3 3 6Anb

  4. Example:- 2 ( -- 20 2 tn)

  5. Example Solution (9 u 2 Lt 2 2 . . 2 20 3 3