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Mental Ability (coding/decoding) 1
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Coding decoding questions. Type 1

Hello everyone. I am a 3rd year B.TECH student. Teaching has always been a passion and I hope I do justice to it.

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Super cheppav bro
  1. NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION MENTAL ABILITY (Alphabet and Number Coding/Decoding) By: Sudeshna Mohapatra

  2. What is coding/decoding In such questions a specific pattern is given as an example. That pattern sets a rule that how we have to proceed about the question OBJECTIVE: Find the pattern by observing Apply the same pattern to the question

  3. QUESTIONS 1.If in a certain language, MADRAS is coded as NBESBT, how is BOMBAY coded in that code? A. CPNCBX B.CPNCB2 C.CPOCB2Z D. None of these

  4. Step 1: Establishing the given pattern. MN A- B D E AB Step 2: Applying the rule to the given question: Hence, o P M -N Y- Z Ans CPNCBZ (B)

  5. 2.In a certain code, TRIPPLE is written as SQHOOKD. How is DISPOSE written in that code? . A. CHRONRD B. DSOESPI .C. ESJTPTF D. ESOPSID

  6. Sol: Each letter in the word is moved one step forward to obtain the corresponding letter of the code s ED

  7. Similiarily, applying the same rule as above to the que IH O-N S-R Ans: (A)