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Coding/decoding - 8
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Substitution questions were discussed.

Hello everyone. I am a 3rd year B.TECH student. Teaching has always been a passion and I hope I do justice to it.

Unacademy user
Sir geography syllabus onusare describe kore pore khub valo hoto
Subhasish Thakur
2 years ago
Ok next aro add korchi aro bashi kore deactivate kore. Thank You 😊
Sk Miraz Ali
2 years ago
Thank you sir
  1. NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION MENTAL ABILITY (Alphabet and Number Coding/Decoding) By: Sudeshna Mohapatra

  2. SUBSTITUTION Q.1 If white is called blue, blue is called red, red is called yellow, yellow is called green, green is called black, black is called violet and violet is called orange, what would be the colour of human blood ? A. Red B. Green C. Yellow D. Violet

  3. The colour of the human blood is 'red But in the quetion it is given as 'red' is coded as 'Yellow So, the colour of human blood is 'yellow ANS: C

  4. Q.2 If orange is called butter, butter is called soap, soap is called ink, ink is called honey and honey is called orange, which of the following is used for washing clothes? A. Honey B. Ink C. Orange D. Soap

  5. . Clearly, 'soap' is used for washing the clothes. .But, 'soap' is called 'ink'. So, 'ink' is used for washing the clothes . Hence answer: B

  6. Q.3.lf air is called green , green is called blue, blue is called sky, sky is called yellow, yellow is called water and water is called pink, then what is the color of clear sky? . A. Blue . B. Sky . C. Yellow . D. Water

  7. The colour of clear sky is 'blue' and as given, blue' is called 'sky' So, the colour of clear sky is 'sky'. .So answer B

  8. Q.4. If Banayan tree grows Apples, the apple tree grows Mangoes, and the mango tree grows grapes and the grapes tree grows banayan, then which tree should plant to get oranges? A. Apple B.Mango C.Data insufficient D. None of these

  9. In this question there is no mention of the orange fruit. .Hence, the data is insufficient. Ans: C

  10. THANK YOU!