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Infinite G.P.
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In this lesson we discuss infinite GP with suitable explanations and examples.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
B.Tech l NDA Mentor l You tube channel with Maths Short TRICKS I more than 120+selection in NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY

Unacademy user
2q samaj mein nhi aaya
Sharad Gupta
a year ago
suruaat se dekhiye plzz tab samjh aayega
Chitranshu R.
a year ago
Suru mein samaj mein aaya but 2Q Nhi samaj mein aaya
Sharad Gupta
a year ago
koi baat nhi aage fir se repeat kr dunga
  1. u m Ihce and tend8 to zvu as m tends to intinit I. e Ko, 1-r

  2. ind the asumm o the deuitu

  3. the bum is inite them find x 1- 2 ue know , fou nfinih g. P Anb

  4. then find in [om] 213 1 2 16-12 2_

  5. Nu indl Sol lut do I- a b