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Arithmetico Geometric Progression(A. G. P.)
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In this lesson we discuss Arithmetico Geometric Progression with suitable explanations and examples.

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Tushar Singhal
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  1. 3 __. be an A GP then at (Qtd)Tt (0+2d) 2 + (0+ 3d ) 3 A.1.p an-nd Sn 1-7 Note: gunwall ut do not e this omula to nd tha Aum n terms Tn-Jact lwe h mechanim by luhich w dixiud this formula

  2. Qu Find th Am of th lowing Aue -CO Soln let S CO Infinite GP Ans

  3. Soun Co I-8 14 CI-y)2

  4. 13 1 SoJn 133 1331 n in with

  5. Qu. find th valu of co CAIEEE 2009) b) Soun 3 3 3 3 So ans is 3

  6. 19 then k s equal to (TEEm oly) G) Q I 0 b) 4 C) d) o Sou l6. I S 19 0 0

  7. 1 0 1oI 0