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Arithmetic Mean
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In this lesson we discuss Arithmetic Mean with suitable explanations and examples.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
B.Tech l NDA Mentor l You tube channel with Maths Short TRICKS I more than 120+selection in NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY

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give high level Questions
Tushar Singhal
8 days ago
For high level questions plz see previous videos
Aman Singhal
8 days ago
  1. than db 0, A, , AR- An b

  2. th - a kd h+1 InBet Nouo, AM b 3 and 24 b-a 6 Jo, No'b be 6,9, 12, 1S, 16, 21 An3

  3. the value ol n ii 2 b) &5 c) 26 d) None o, A, A,, A3 - A, !.uull be "un A.P 1010 Lyth 7th

  4. T 6 "A 1 3 50 35|

  5. Sol Compare

  6. AM means aua