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Arithmetic Progression - Good Questions (in Hindi)
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In this lesson we discuss good Questions of Arithmetic progression with suitable explanations.

Tushar Singhal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Tushar Singhal
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  1. an AP, , 2, 3 .. T ome e ntegus m, n t and Than m n mn d) mn

  2. mn- mn 1 hn mn mn

  3. let an demote the mumber of nobs he couniV in the aue in .p uarth Common d bounce -2 then the time laken by him.+o Count all motu . ATEEE 20lo b) 24 min d) 125 min 135 min c) 3 mi n Sol," Tul lo+n minute ,the number Courdad notu 1500 30D0 1[a x Me +n-)(-2)]

  4. Since n . 25 not 331ble

  5. Thank You