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Indian Judiciary
I think there is one correction is far as i know the term "Impeachment" is for President only (Article 56(1)(b) ) but not for the Judge...A/C to article 124(4) a judge can be "removed" but not Impeached...
Aman Mittal
2 years ago
yes you are correct . Impeachment is for president and for all others its removal because President has the power to remove Judges etc step 1. Impeachment by parliament. step 2. Removal by President. step 1 is mandatory for step 2. in case of president's impeachment she herself is removed hence second step cannot be carried out hence, Impeachment is mentioned only for president.
You are right nowhere in the constitution it has been mentioned about impeachment of judges, Impeachment is a term specifically used when a President is removed. Sadly Media and some authors use Impeachment rather than Removal (Including Laxmikanth ). May be it sounds more catchy.
Harshit Chauhan
2 years ago
Yes It is absolutely correct that nowhere in the constitution it is mentioned that the CJI is removed by IMPEACHMENT process....... I think this needs to be correct in the lesson. .....