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Polity: Class 9 NCERT Summary for UPSC CSE Aspirants


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Charu Modi

The course deals with class IX polity NCERT and it's topics in details. The course is about election process and then various wings of governance,i.e., legislature, executive and judiciary. The lesson also deals all the rights in detail. Tags: UPSC CSE, UPSC Polity, IAS Polity, NCERT Summary, UPSC Syllabus, UPSC Online study, IAS Online Study



136 reviews

Jolly sharma

reviewed on Mar 13, 2017

very helpful for understanding basic things & for quick revision. lots of thanks to the entire team of unacademy and afcourse charu mam..

Jaya Bajpayee

reviewed on Mar 9, 2017

it is a good course for quick revision..... for senior players and a good start for beginners. I like the way teacher explains everything.

John Yangda

reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Very nice, try to explain political terms with pictorial form and class 11th ncert is missing, more lectures on Hindi

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