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IIT JAM 2013 IIT GATE QUESTION 2007(in Hindi)
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It's all about the questions of IIT JAM AND GATE

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Uma Chemistry(KUK)in Inorganic Chemistry ,Qualified IIT JAM,IISER mohali YouTube channel: let's crack physical chemistry

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  1. e vapour pressure of Benzene is 5333 Pa 7.6C and 53330 l'a al oo- heat of vaporizaon ion of benzene and normal boiling point ofbenzene ' AM 2014 Chemistry Q7 Thevapour pressure of solid and liquid is given as log. 24 (3900T) and log.pii8(26007T) whereP od and Pliqusare the vapour pressure (in torr) of solid and liquid chiorne neal po respectively and T is the absolute temperature . The ratio of slope of solid gas curve to the slope of liquid gas curve at the Triple point in P-T diagram is Q8 -3 : For the liquid to vapoureqlbium of a substance dP/dT at 1 bar an d 400 K 8x 10 bar K .If the molar volume in the vapour form is 200 L m ole and molar volume in liquid form CSIR JRF negligible tan olar enthalpy of vapourization is a) 640 KJ/mole (b) 100 KJ/mole (c) 80 KJ/mole (d) 64 KJ/mole Q9 If the enthalpy change and entropy change for the process CeHo ()-CoHi respectively 33.90 KJ/mole and 96. CoH(g) is 35 torr will be (a) 352 K (b) 507 K (c) 278 K (d) 273 K 4 J/K-mole, the temperature at which the vapour pressure of Q 10 Consider the statement (I) on increasing the pressure generally boiling point of water increases and melting p oir decreases aller than entropy of vapour phase because condensation (2)The entropy of liquid phase is sm (3)when water converted into vapour and behave ideally than difference in internal ener The correct statement above are (a) 1 (b) 1,2 (c) 2,3 (d) 1,2,3 n exothermic process. hange and enthalpy change is greater than zero. tion X2Ou (/) 2 XOdg) at 298 K. given the value 9KJ and

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  5. o0led water at 10 C and atm pressure d) Freezing of water at oC and atm 23 The temperature dependence of vapour pressure of solid A cin be represented by log P 10 (18700) and that of liquid A is represented log P = 8-(1400) the temperature of triple point of A is a) 200K 0 24 The specific volume of liquid wate is 1.001 ml/g and that of ice is 1.0907 m. B of tusion of ice at this temperature 333.88 Jg, The rate of change of melting point o CSIR NET JRF 2015 (b) 300K (c) 400K (d) 500K C If the heat deg atm will be a) -0.0075 b) 0.0075 GATE 2007 c) 0.075 d) -0.075

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