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Gate 2016 question Gibbs free energy and Dependence of G on P at constant temprature(in Hindi)
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It's all about dependence of G with P at constant T

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  3. for the conversion of graphite to diamond at 25 C. The respectively, Q 6 .Calculate the equilibrium pressure densities of graphite and diamond may be taken to be2.25 and 3.51 g cm3 independent of pressure, in calculating the change of AG with pressure. Go = 2900 J/mole Q 7 (a) Given that G--nFE, derive the expression for the temperature dependence of the cell potential in terms of change in entropy AS (b) For a cell reaction E at (25 c) 1.26 volt, n 2, AS 96.5J/K-mole, calculate AS at 85 c by assuming AS to be independent of temperature IT-JAM-2011 9 The temperatiure denendence ofan electro chemical cell potential is NET-2015

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