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CSIR JRF 2015 IIT JAM 2014 QUESTION(in Hindi)
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These are some questions of IIT JAM GATE Exam

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  1. LZ T he variation of the vapor pressure of the liquid and solid forms of a pure substance near the triple point are given by In(Psolia/Pa) -8750(KT) +34.143 and In(Piquid/Pa) -4053(K/T) +21.10 The temperature and pressure at the triple point respectively ar. 18 Estimate the pressure necessary to melt water at -10 C if the molar volume of liquid water is 18.01 mL and the molar volume of ice is 19.64 mL. S for the process is +22.04 J/K and you can that these values remain relatively constant with temperature. You vill need this conversion factor: 1 L bar 100 J /2 The Temperature dependence of vapour pressure of solid A can be represented by log P 10- (1800 T) and that of liquid A is represented og P 8-(1400/T) . The temperature of triple point of A is (a) 200 K (b) 300 K (c) 400 K (d) 500 K CSIR JRF CHEMICAL SCIENCE

  2. Pa Puswd-4oS Iu 21.lo ul 677 K- JI.lo_34.Iy3

  3. al. 1 4677 K- 1.10-34.145 4699 13 3 - Te 4675 1.043

  4. log 53330 Ally . 1 4- Al 0.0005661 O oo0S66

  5. DVV P (1325N 533

  6. mix Q 6 The vapour pressure of Benzene is 5333 Pa at 7.6 C and 53330 Pa at 60.6 C calculate the heat of vaporization of benzene and normal boiling point of benzene. JAM 2014 Chemistry Q7 Thevapour pressure of solid and liquid is given as log.psolid-24 (3900/T) and loge Pliquid 18-(2600/T) wherePsolid and Pliquidare the vapour pressure in torr) of solid and liquid chiorine near the triple point respectively and T is the absolute temperature. The ratio of slope of solid gas curve to the slope of liquid gas curve at the Triple point in P-T diagram is. Q8. For the liquid to vapourequillibirium of a substance dP/dT at 1 bar and 400 K is 8x103 bar K1 .If negligible than molar enthalpy of vapourization is a) 640 KJ/mole (b) 100 KJ/mole (c) 80 KJ/mole (d) 64 KJ/mole JAM 2013 Chemistry the molar volume in the vapour form is 200 L mole and molar volume in liquid form is -I CSIR JRF

  7. Waler at O"C and 1 atn 23 The temperature dependence of vapour pressur of sot log P 1018) and that of liquid A log P solid A can be represented by 800 at ot liquid A represcente s represented log P8-400 the temperature of triple point of CSIR NET JRF 2015 a) 200K Q 24 The specific volume of liquid water is 1.001 mL/g and that o of fusion of ice this temperature 333.88 J/g, The o deg a be )-0.0075b) 0.0075 (b) 300K (c) 400K (d) 500K ice is 1.0907 mg at 0C. If the heat ' Ine rate of change of melting point of ice with pressure of GATE 2007 c) 0.075 d)-0.075

  8. 0 o 1o o 2- 200 4