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Criteria of spontenity in terms of G, H, A, U(in Hindi)
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It's all about the criteria of spontenity in terms of G, H, A, U, S

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Unacademy user
sir, @7:26 , why did you simplify it ? why didn't you put minimum values directly in pairs of sin-cosec, tan-cot, & cos-sec? answer will be 6 that way. 2 (1*1)^(1/2) + 2(1*1)^(1/2) + 2(1*1)^(1/2) = 6 { min values of pairs taken individually, please explain???}
Vishal Patel
2 years ago
Because if in the expression sin + cos, you put min value(-1,-1) separately you get -2 but minima is (-2)^½ So simplification is necessary before putting values.
Nishant Dwivedi
2 years ago
I found it later that the general idea is to simplify the given equation into least number of constants and variables, and then find the derivatives further for max and min values. thanks for the reply though.
Arshdeep Singh
2 years ago
the way you have solved you assumed that each pair has min. value at same theta value.. that is not possible.. so first you have to simplify because we have to find minimum value of whole expression
Nishant Dwivedi
2 years ago
Got it. Thanks for the reply. : )