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19 mai work and heat is a path function but internal energy is a state function
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  1. C 4 .2 mole of He is mixed with more or Ne dearly s con sp numg to The apour pressure P of a solid at temperature T is expressed by InP-23 (3863/T) and hat of liquid phase is In P=19_(3063m the triple point (in Kelvin) of the material is 2001 put Gate 2007 P a)185 K b) 190 K 2ol6 csm c) 195 K d) 200 K 0 6 Two gases separated by an impermeable but movable partition are allowed to freely exchange energy. At equilibrium, the two sides wil have the same Gate physics 2013 (A) pressure and temperature (B) volume and temperature (C) pressure and volume (D) volume and energy

  2. a)41363 J/mole b) 46562 J/mole c) 56234 J/mole d) 64532 J/moe 0 16 The volume change in a phase transtion is zero. From this, we may infer that the phase boundary is represented by bec2ol6 2 0 17 A one component system with the associated phase diagram CSIR JRF Phase, Phase /0 phase o Phase Temperature a) OB has a negative value b) OC has a positive value c) Both OB and OC are linear d) OB,OC and OD can not coexis, given OA Q 18 A phase transiti n process is always CSIR JRF a) Isothermal isoentropic b) Isochoric -isothermal c) isobaric-isochoric d) isothermal -isobaric Q 19 The correct statement for any cyclic thermodynamic process is CSIR JRF Q 20 The minimum work required by an engine to transfer 5 J of heat from a reservoir at 100 K to a reservoir at 300 K is CSIR JRF a)5J b) 10J c) 15J d) 20 J

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  5. R (heat capacity at constant volume s cv= D K) 1 ..Q 13 Consider the statement 1Classiusclayperon equation is applicable to first order phase transformation. 2.The slope of liquid gas coexistence curve is smaller than slope of solid liquid coexistence curve in P-T diagram 3 solid gas coexistence curve criti ofthsahovenstecemen nds at critical point, liquid gas coexisncecue ends at triple point

  6. K (d) 500 K of A is (a) 200 K (b) 300 K c) 400 20 Calculateth apour pressure of toluene at 100C assuming that Trouton rule is obeye boiling point of toluene is 110c. 21A liquid has a vapor pressure of 2.02x 10 N m at 293 K and heat of vaporization is mole The boiling point of liquid in Kelvin is 22The non spontaneous process among the following is CSIR JRF Ch a) Vapourization of superheated water at 105'C and I atm pressure b) Expansion of gas in vaccum e) Freezing of super cooled water at 10C and I atm pressure. d) Freezing of water at 0'C and I atm CSIK JKr CHEMICAL SCILN IIT GATE 2002 . . ...Gate emical Science