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IIT JAM 2012 CSIR NET JUNE 2016 Question(in Hindi)
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It's all about some previous year questions of the CSIR NET AND GATE EXAM.

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Uma Chemistry(KUK)in Inorganic Chemistry ,Qualified IIT JAM,IISER mohali ,love dancing,Exploring New things,passionate about teaching

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To eradicate this concept of triple talque it should be criminalized as criminal penalty will affect more to the people who misuse it
mam aapka ye plus course mujhe mil nhi rha aapki site pr pls ... help
2 months ago
Mere csir net m milege
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2 months ago
ok mam
bcoz im preparing for iit jam
2 months ago
Mam in Q1.. The formula. You had earlier derived for S to L transition was P2-P1= delta H x ln (T2/T1) / delta V But here you have taken T2-T1 directly instead of ln(T2/T1)
  1. I/ DPP Thermodynamics and molar volume of solid ice is 19.64 , The entropy chan necessary to melt ice at -10 C if molar volume of liquid'water is 18.01 ml melting process is 16.3 J/K (assume and volume remains constant in this temperatureangeba IITJAM2012 Q2. Phase diagram of a compound is shown below: below CSIRJRF 2016Tua) CO The slope of line OA, AC and AB are tan u/4 , tan 7/6 Hofmeltting respectively are 300 K and 3 KJ/mole respectively the change in volume of melting is a) 10 tan /3 'b) 10 tan Tt/4 c) 10 cot T/3 d) 10 cot T/4 Q 3 Determine the incorrect statement regarding the giyen graph and tan r/3 respectively, if melting point and lquid solidBas Temperature a) M.P increase with pressure b) M.P decrease with pressure c) B.P increase with pressure d) solid liquid gas can coexist at same pressure and temperature

  2. Ps-p Ta-T

  3. 18 olml (9.61 (-19) 3 (o-3 ool Bas

  4. LA 3 2 d P

  5. T-360 K

  6. 1e010

  7. mix Q 6 The vapour pressure of Benzene is 5333 Pa at 7.6 C and 53330 Pa at 60.6 C calculate the heat of vaporization of benzene and normal boiling point of benzene. JAM 2014 Chemistry Q7 Thevapour pressure of solid and liquid is given as log.psolid-24 (3900/T) and loge Pliquid 18-(2600/T) wherePsolid and Pliquidare the vapour pressure in torr) of solid and liquid chiorine near the triple point respectively and T is the absolute temperature. The ratio of slope of solid gas curve to the slope of liquid gas curve at the Triple point in P-T diagram is. Q8. For the liquid to vapourequillibirium of a substance dP/dT at 1 bar and 400 K is 8x103 bar K1 .If negligible than molar enthalpy of vapourization is a) 640 KJ/mole (b) 100 KJ/mole (c) 80 KJ/mole (d) 64 KJ/mole JAM 2013 Chemistry the molar volume in the vapour form is 200 L mole and molar volume in liquid form is -I CSIR JRF

  8. log 53330 Ally . 1 4- Al 0.0005661 O oo0S66

  9. DVV P (1325N 533

  10. Pa Puswd-4oS Iu 21.lo ul 677 K- JI.lo_34.Iy3