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How to Answer "Tell us about a Situation " and "What are your Regrets"
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This lesson discusses how to answer "tell us about a situation .... " and "what are your regrets"

Sakshi Abrol
IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2018. Panjab university, batch of 2016. NTSE scholar. Singer. Writer. Foodie.

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  2. Q no 15 Tell us about a situation where you had to stand up to your superiors. Tell us about a situation where you faced a dilemma & how did you solve the same? Tell us about a situation where you had to choose between X and Y. Which one did you chose and why? Interviewer Expectations: .Expects you to tell him something you might have missed till now . Wants to judge your confidence (or over confidence) level Wants you to give them reasons of differentiation . Wants to understand your thought process . Wants to understand how you behave in different situations?

  3. How to answer such questions NEVER say extreme things, don't get too biased towards one side. Present a balanced and objective view of the situation . Follow the structure of STAR 1. Situation: Briefly explain the situation at hand 2. Task: Talk about the task/issue/dilemma at hand 3. Action: Talk about what you did or what decision you took 4. Result: What was the result of the action and what did you learn

  4. a no 16 Is there any decision you regret or anything that you will like to go back to and change? Interviewer Expectations: . Wants to judge your decision making abilities . Wants to get a deeper understanding of your personality Wants you to blurt out some weaknesses How to ace this question: . Do NOT touch upon personal or emotional topics as they increase your vulnerability in the interview Answer strictly from an academic or professional point of view

  5. How to answer such questions . Pick an academic or professional situation. Some examples can be choosing between two alternate options, delaying a process, picking one person over other etc DO NOT talk about Engg vs commerce after 12th, not able to clear some competitive examination, some personal loss. Start with "Sir, I strongly believe that every decision has it's pros and cons. Every decision that we make has some implications, if it's right we move forward and if it's wrong we learn something. So I will not call any decision a regret but Be careful NOT to put yourself in a dicey situation. Speak carefully .