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How to Answer "Tell me something about Yourself" and "Why should we Select You"?
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This lesson discusses How to answer "tell me something about yourself" and "why should we select you"?

Sakshi Abrol
IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2018. Panjab university, batch of 2016. NTSE scholar. Singer. Writer. Foodie.

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eska photo kyo lga rakhhee ho
you are making a very long video. Try making it short and crisp
Thank u mam for making a video series on interviews. And i got solution for my problem and also feeling confident about what should i say? thank u once again
It's very helpful for every fresher as well as exp...
mam I have one question I m from a mechanical engineering. I am trying to get a job in software development. I faced a interview question that being from mechanical engineering why you are trying for software development jobs? what is the best way to answer this question. thank you
Sakshi Abrol
2 years ago
Hi rakesh, you can justify it by talking about your interest in software development. But a better way would be, if you go for a technical course, certification related to software development. This will help you justify your interest better and will strengthen your profile as well.

  1. SAMPLE ANSWER: DO NOT COPY AS IT IS A GENERIC EXAMPLE Good morning sir, I'm xyz. I'm currently pursuing xyz from xyz university. I was born and brought up in abc city. As a student l've always been the valedictorian of my class, which has also made me an ambitious person in life, in general. As a person, I like to think of myself as someone who is driven by values, ambition and resilience These qualities also helped me shaped my outlook on my professional front. As an organiser of xyz fest, I clearly saw and understood my interest towards xyz and it is also one of the biggest reasons why decided to pursue xyz. My hobbies are x, y ,z. In my free time I like to x,y, z. Few years down the lane I will like to see myself as the x, y,z and this is a vision that makes me work smartly towards my goal of x, y,z

  2. Q no 2: Why do you want to join our college/institute/ company? Interviewer Expectations: Understand how much you know about them Understand your clarity of thoughts . Filter out serious candidates from non serious ones How to ace the question . Emphasise a fit between you and them . Talk about relevant facts about their culture, values or processes . Be genuine & only say what you can justify

  3. How to answer the question . Do a through research about the company/institute . Understand their culture, values, recent changes placements, area of work etc . Eg. IIM Lucknow is known for marketing, Deloitte is known for consulting roles, google is known for its cut throat innovation . Find points of commonality between you and them .Eg. You are innovative in your approach so google fits your method of working, you have marketing experience so you want to join IIM lucknow

  4. How to answer the questiorn lain how the organisation is going to be a means to the end for your goals ie how it will help you reach from your current situation to your future situation Do not talk about salary, placements or job to be your motivation behind joining . Do not over emphasise the fit between you and them; otherwise it will look made up and forced . Do not give unprofessional or over smart answers e.g. "if not here then where", "this is the place for me"

  5. SAMPLE ANSWER: DO NOT COPY AS IT IS A GENERIC EXAMPLE Sir/Mam, this is no secret that xyz is known as the crib of one of the world's best XXX. Right from my childhood, I have been highly engaged in XXX myself. I have worked as xyz and also have earned a place in the FFF of ABC. This has further refined my interest in xxx. I strongly believe that XXX will be the right platform for me to further hone my skills as an XYZ. Further, I really relate to the ABC values of the institute. I have been guided by these values throughput my life. This culture will be conducive to my growth as a BVHG. Hence, xyz will be my first choice as a B School