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Course Overview (in Hindi)
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In this lesson, I have discussed the course overview - what all topics we would be covering in this chapter.

Tushar Khanna
Chemistry Enthusiast | NEET 2018 Qualified | MBBS student | Gold Medalist - Science Olympiad, English Olympiad | Qualified CET | Rank - 24

Unacademy user
Awesome course please continue sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was very nice to see your coment over Biomentors last day.....Though I see from Nm Sir , Ps Sir from etoos and Don't see Biomentors after Your kind advice , Yet I read the comments and I found yours also.......VERY NICE BROTHER>......Keep Acheiving Everything In Your LIFE./God Bless U
Tushar Khanna
a year ago
thanks and same to you. 🙌
Sky Blue
a year ago
did you cover thr ENTIRE chemical bonding?? i mean that is soo great. I will do from here only. Biology I am going to complete everything but chemistry physics are left alot. If you have done C.B the overall of it then plzz reply. ☺😁😁😁😁😁😁😁(vase smilies varpur dene ko milti hai iha..quora jasa nahi😆😆😆miss quora though. )
  1. COURSE: CHEMICAL BONDING Presented by - Tushar Khanna

  2. Lesson- Course Overview

  3. Hello! I am Tushar Khanna... LIKE SHARE Follow me on My Unacademy Profile RATEhttps/ Khanna

  4. Target Audience IT JEE (Mains +Advanced) NEET AlIMS BITSAT CBSE Class 11 and 12

  5. Course Overview 1. Types Of Bond IA and IM 2. lonic Bond - FAELHFSPF 3. Covalent Bond - H D

  6. Course Overview (contd.) Vander Waal Force [5] 5. H Bonding 6. Theories . VBT 8. VSEPR 4 6

  7. Course Overview (contd.) 9. Hybridization 10. MOT 7