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Cell Structure
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This lesson explains the structure of cell and details of plasma membrane and cell wall..

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  1. CLASS IX NCERT SCIENCE Chapter 5 Fundamental Unit of Life : Cell

  2. About Me: Gargee Vats Pursuing from G.B.Pant University of agriculture and technology, Uttarakhand Preparing for UPSC CSE. Learning enthusiast Follow me : 1996 Please do Like , Share and Recommend.

  3. What is cell made up of????2 Basic similarity: Plasma membrane Nucleus cytoplasm

  4. Structure of Cell Cytoplasm Nuclear membrane Nucleus Cell - membrane Ribosomes

  5. Plasma Membrane outer boundary of cell is Plasma membrane or cell membrane. separates the contents of the cell from external environment. Plasma membrane is a living , thin , delicate , elastic, selectively permeable membrane. Allow or permits the entry or exit of some materials.

  6. Flexible Structure of the Cell Membrane Outside of cell Made up of organic molecules called lipids Lipid and proteins. Carbohydrate chains Proteins Bilayer Transport Protein Phospholipids Inside of cell (cytoplasm)

  7. Cell wall Plant cell in addition to plasma membrane have another rigid outer covering called cell wall outside plasma membrane. Absent in animal cells. composed of cellulose. cellulose is a complex substance and provides structural strength to plants

  8. Cell Wall

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