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This lesson explains the concept of diffusion of oxygen and other gases in also tells about the transport methods and the process of endocytosis..

Gargee Vats
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Maja aa gaya yooooooooooooooooooo
give some imp mcq this chapter plse
nice it helped me a lot
Gargee Vats
2 years ago
concentration is the abundance of a constituent particle divided by the total volume of a mixture.
nice it helped me a lot
nice it helped me a lot
  1. CLASS IX NCERT SCIENCE Chapter 5 Fundamental Unit of Life : Cell

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  3. How the movement occurS??? Process of diffusion. Spontaneous movement of a substance from a region of higher concentration to region of lower concentration. Carbon dioxide and oxygen move across cell membrane through diffusion.

  4. Diffusion of oxygen into a cell The concentration of OXygen molecules 1S greater outside the cell than inside So the oxvgen molecules diffuse into the cell

  5. Diffusion in Amoeba Flexibility of cell membrane enables cell to engulf food and other material from its external environment. Process is endocytosis. amoeba use such process for food engulfment.

  6. Diffusion in Cells Diffusion is an important way by which oxygen and carbon dioxide move into and out of cells food and oxygen diffuse in carbon dioxide and waste products diffuse out An amoeba

  7. Outside of cell Outside of cell Inside of cell Inside of cell ENERGY PASSIVE TRANSPORT ACTIVE TRANSPORT

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