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Battle of Khanwa (in Hindi)
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The battle of Khanwa fought between first Mughal emperor Babur and Rana Sanga. After victory in the battle consolidated the new Mughal dynasty in India.

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  1. Baitdle of Khanwa

  2. Battle of Khanwa The Battle of Khanwa was fought near the village of Khanwa, in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan, on March 17, 1527. It was fought between the invading forces of the first Mughal Emperor Babur and the Rajput forces led by Rana Sanga of Mewar, after the Battle of Panipat. The victory in the battle consolidated the new Mughal dynasty in India

  3. Background-Battle of Khanwa The Rajput ruler Rana Sanga had sent an ambassador to Babur at Kabul, offering to join in Babur's attack on Sultan Ibrahim Lodi of Delhi. Sanga had offered to attack Agra while Babur would be attacking Delhi. However, while Babur did attack Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, and took over Delhi and Agra, Sanga made no move, apparently having changed his mind. Babur had resented this backsliding, in his autobiography, Babun accuses Rana Sanga of breach of agreement.

  4. Background-Battle of Khanwa Sanga may have thought that in the event of a Mughal victory Babur would withdraw from Delhi and Agra, like Timur, once he had seized the treasures of these cities. Once he realized that Babur intended to stay on in India, Sanga proceeded to builda grand coalition which would either force Babur out of India or else confine him to Afghanistan.

  5. Background-Battle of Khanwa After the First Battle of Panipat, Babur had recognized that his biggest danger came from two quarters: Rana Sanga, and the Afghans ruling in Eastern India at the time. In a council that Babur called, it was'decided that the Afghans represented the bigger danger, and consequently Humayun was sent heading an army to fight the Afghans in the east.

  6. Rajput-Afghan alliance against Babur Rana Sanga had succeeded in building a formidable military alliance against Babur. He was joined by virtually all the leading Rajput kings from Rajasthan-including those from Harauti, Jalor, Sirohi, Dungarpur, Dhundhar, and Amber. Rao Ganga of Marwar did not join personally, but sent a contingent on his behalf. Rad Medini Rao of Chanderi in Malwa also joined the alliance. Further Mahmud Lodi, the younger son of Sikandar Lodi, whom the Afghans had proclaimed their new Sultan also joined the alliance with a force of 10,000 Afghans under him. Khanzada Hasan Khan Mewati, the ruler of Mewat State, also joined the alliance with a force of 12,000

  7. Battle of Khanwa The Battle of Khanwa took place at Khanwa. Before the battle, Babur had carefully inspected the battle site Like in Panipat. Rajput fought brilliantly and was successful in the beginning but the artillery used by the Mughal army proved to be fatal for Rajput combine forces. The cannons were very new to Rajput and the war elephants were not trained to fight against cannon Elephants were terrified due to sound and smoke of cannon fire and started to scatter in all directions.

  8. Battle of Khanwa Elephants of the combine forces crushed their own soldiers. Babur defeated the army of Rana Sanga. Raja Hasan Khan Mewati died in the battle and Rana Sanga fled away from the battle ground. The victory of this battle provided Babur a superior control over North India. provided Babur a-s

  9. Battle of Khanwa This battle was very important for Babur to provide the strong foundation to Mughal Empire. Without defeating Rajput it wouldn't have possible for Babur to build the strong base of Mughal Dynasty