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Battle of Ghagra (in Hindi)
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The Battle of Ghaghra fought in 1529,was a major battle for the conquest of India by the Mughal Empire.

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madam the revenue system started by allowddin was masakat or kankuth
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  1. Battle of Ghagra The final battle of Babur in India

  2. Battle of Ghagra The Battle of Ghagra in 1529 was the last war of Babur in India. The battle was fought with the Afghans, on the confluence of the Ganga and its tributary, the Ghagara, on 6th May 1529 The Afgans fought under the leadership of Sultan Mahmud Lodi and Sultan Nusrat Shah (Sultan of Bengal) The Afghans were defeated by the army of Babur in this battl

  3. Background Although the Rajput menace was removed, there were still the Afghans who had to be subdued Mahmud Lodi, a brother of Ibrahim Lodi, had fled and taken refuge in Bihar and established his position there. He had a large army estimated at about one lakh strong Supported by this army, he went to Banaras and from there to Chunar

  4. Background When the Afghans came to know of the movements of Babur, they raised the siege of the Chunar and withdrew. On his way to Buxar through Allahabad, Chunar and Banaras, a number of Afghan, Chiefs offered their submission to Babur. Mahmud Lodi had taken refuge in Bengal Althout h its Ruler Nusrat Shah had assured Babur of his friendship

  5. Background Babur decided to put an end to Afghan menace, even at the risk of a war and marched towards Bengal Babur fought a battle with the Afghans, on the confluence of the Ganga and its tributary, the Ghagara on 6th May, 529 In the conflict, which was though, boats and artillery were used by both sides

  6. Battle of Ghagra Babur's artillery rendered him great service in his action against the Afghans. The defeat of Ghagra was final so far as the Lodis were concerned Babur entered into a Treaty with Nusrat Shah by which both the parties agreed to respect each other's sovereignty and Nusrat Shah agreed not to give shelter to the enemies of Babur in future.

  7. Final battle of Babur Battle of Ghaghra was the last battle of Babur in India. As a result of the wars fought in India, Babur became the master of a big state. His state spread from Indus to Bihar and Himalayas to Gwalior and Chanderi. He had established the power of the Mughals in India. Most of Babar's time in India has passed since the war.

  8. Final battle of Babur That's why he could never pay attention to the administrative system. On December 23, 1530 Babar nominated Humayun as his successor. Babur died on 26, December 1530 in Agra

  9. Battle of Ghagra The final battle of Babur in India