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Battle of Chanderi (in Hindi)
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Battle of chanderi was fought between Medini Rai and Babur in 1528. In this battle Medini Rai got defeated by Babur.

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  1. Battle of Chander

  2. Battle of Chanderi Battle of Chanderi fought between Babur and Medini Rai Khangar who was the ruler of Malwa. The Battle of Chanderi took place in the aftermath of the Bat attle o nwa in which the Mughal Emperor Babur had defeated a confederacy of Rajputs and Afghans which was headed by Rana Sanga of Mewar

  3. Battle of Chanderi On receiving news that Rana Sanga had renewed war preparations to renew the conflict with him, Babur decided to isolate the Rana by inflicting a military defeat on one of his staunchest allies Medini Rai Khangar who was the ruler of Malwa.

  4. Medini Rai Medini Rai was one of Rana Sanga's most distinguished lieutenants. Chanderi was bestowed upon Medini Rai-by Rana Sanga after his contribution in the Battle of Dholpur Medini Rai was just a small warlord before the battle in Dholpur. He assisted Rana Sanga in many campaigns against the Sultans of India.

  5. Battle of Chanderi In December 1527, taking a circumlocutious route Babur marched to the fortress of Chanderi in Malwa. Upon reaching Chanderi, on January 20, 1528 Babur offered Shamsabad to Medini Rao in exchange for Chanderi as a peace overture, but the offer was rejected by Rao. The outer fortress of Chanderi was taken by Babur's army at night, and the next morning the upper fort was captured. Babur himself expressed surprise that the upper fort had fallen within an hour of the final assault.

  6. Battle of Chanderi Medini Rai organized the Jauhar ceremony during which women and children within the fortress were killed A small number of soldiers also collected in Medini Rao's house and proceeded to slay each other in collective suicide. This sacrifice does not seem to have impressed Babur who does not express a word of admiration for the enemy in his autobiography

  7. Battle of Chanderi Almost all the Rajputs lost their lives. On 29th January, 1528, the Fort of Chanderi was captured. After this no other Rajput chief could challenge the authority of Babur,