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Basics of Refrigeration and Numerical Problems (in Hindi)
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In this lesson COP is discussed in detail. Basic numericals are also solved for better understanding.

Gaurav Joshi
Mechanical Engineer. Secured AIR 5 in ESE & AIR 47 in GATE. Also cleared BARC,ONGC,ISRO. Worked for BARC, HITACHI.Guitar player & Vocalist

Unacademy user
Ma'am, I have a doubt. At 8:57 you have drawn the electric field due to -q charge radially outwards. But you said that electric field due to negative charges are radially inwards. Please clarify. Thank you so much! Amazing explanation otherwise.
what is the heat capacity for R134A
sir is the temp of of refrigerent in evaporator wll be less than the room temp that is going to be to be colled..?? otherwise how it will absorb heat from the room ...?? what is 3600 ?????????????
Shiva Rajeswari
8 months ago
1hr= 3600secs, to convert unit
Thank you sir plz upload more lectures on Mechanical Engineering.
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