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(Hindi) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning


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Gaurav Joshi

This course is about the basic refrigeration systems. It is according to the competitive exam requirement. There are numerical problems also included along with theory.



64 reviews

devesh kumar

reviewed on Jul 8, 2018

as you stated that process 3-4 is irreversible thats why we are showing it by dotted line but why only in T-S diagram why not in p-h diagram. is it becoming reversible in p-h diagram ?

Nisar saiyad

reviewed on Jun 24, 2018

sir you are awesome ! unacademy पे आपसे पढ़ने के बाद कभी कभी ऐसा लगता है कि काश आप मेरी कॉलेज में प्रोफेसर होते और मुझे आपसे पढ़ने का मौका मिला होता तो university का गोल्ड मैडल में जीत गया होता । ...your teaching method is amazing .. # देश को आप जैसे लोगो की बहोत जरूरत है Sir! # May almighty bless you with EVERYTHING you desire !!

Jayanth Shenoy

reviewed on Jun 21, 2018

Very well explained! Every concept is explained from basics... We need more such educators :) Thank you Mr. Gaurav Joshi... Thank you Unacademy

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