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Bangladesh: Foreign Economic Relations And Policies Of India And its Neighbours
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This lesson deals with our ‘India-locked’ neighbour Bangladesh. It will take you through a brief political history of the country, the role of India in its liberation. We will also look at the areas of conflict and cooperation between India and Bangladesh.

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Ma'am, I appreciate your efforts and for your time to teach for free. However, I would advice you to make teaching style more innovative with more you can make lectures on movie maker whereby only few key words on a concept may appear in a stylish manner , while you may keep explaing about that concept based on ur knowledge rather than just keep reading theoritically which makes it feel boring. U may pls share ur knowledge like experts on all india radio share on various discussions, that binds the intereat of the listner. Further do not write full lines in the slides rather write less explain more with enthusiasm.u shld feel like enjyoing ur own lecture, then only your listners would also enjoy. Pls take it in a positive sense only.
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3 years ago
No mam..never do this...notes are so can revise quickly with notes and its difficult to retain what u said otherwise. Thank u mam
ma'am could you please add a small map attachment in required places, such as showing the farakka barrage or tista river, it will make the learning and memorizing process easier. thank you.
Very concise presentation of useful information, thumbs up!
Nice innonative..highly appreciable
This is very much interesting.
  1. INDIAAND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD Presented by Anushri Saxena

  2. ABOUT ME MA Political Science, Hindu College, University ofDelhi BA (Hons.) Journalism, Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi Interned at The Hindu newspaper. Studied French Language from Alliance Francaise de Delhi till intermediate level. 94.3 Radio One, United News of India, Youth ki Awaaz, Sambhavna Trust (Bhopal), and Centre for the Study of Developing Societies *Enjoys travelling, cycling, trying new tood, and singing Adele songs Please contribute to Unacademy!

  3. BANGLADESH *India and Bangladesh share 4096.7 km of border of which 1116.2 km is riverine. *Approximately 10,000 strong Indian community is residing in Bangladesh. (MEA) India was the first one to recognize Bangladesh as an independent state. Shared past-linguistic, civilizational, religious and cultural Trade between India and Bangladesh (2014-15, in $million), (Ministry of Commerce) Exports: 6,451.47 Imports: 621.37

  4. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND "It appears that Indo-Bangladesh ties are influenced more by the nature of the state system in South Asia as well as the domestic political forces in both states."- Milind Thakar *Bangladesh pains independence in 1971 1971-1975-President Sheikh MujiburRahman . Awami League party . Secular and democratic govemment Pro-India .Assassinated in 1975 1975-1981-President Ziaur Rahman Pro-Islamic State Military-Quasi military rule .Anti-India sentiments Assassinated in 1990

  5. 1980-1990: President H Ershad 1991-1996: Khaleda government 1991-2001: Sheikh Hasina-Govemment ofNational Consensus 2001-2006: Coalition government led by Sheikh Hasina 4-2006-2008: Caretaker government 2009-2014: Sheikh Hasina administration 2014-present: Third Hasina government

  6. AREAS OF CONFLICTS Border Disputes: Caused issues of citizenship. Resolved by the Land Border Agreement. *Porosity of borders: enables easy migration as well as infiltration and, Human traficking. *Water-sharing Disputes Farakka Barrage Over Teesta river - yet to be resolved. Counterfeit currency Safe haven of terrorists/insurgents Transit to North East India via Bangladesh. It (Bangladesh) seeks leverage over India by being obstructionist and uncooperative in providing India transit to India Northeast Region, and by giving shelter and support to Indian separatist and militant groups. " (Rajiv Sikri)

  7. AREAS OF COOPERATION *South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Bay ofBengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) Bangladesh-China India Myanmar (BCIM Economic Corridor EC)-mega cities, manufacturing hub- 2800 km long EC. Bangladesh, Bhutan, ndia and Nepal (BBN)-June 2016-Motor Vehicle Agreement for the Regulation of Passenger, Personal and Cargo Vehicular Traffic amongst BBIN Treaty on Sharing ofthe Ganga/Ganges Waters-the Farakka agreement.

  8. *Joint Working Group on Transit and Connectivity - India-Bangladesh-Nepal- Bhutan Joint Working Group MoUs on Prevention of Smuggling, and Circulation ofFake Cumency notes. MoU on transfer ofKerosene, LPG, diesel to Meghalaya and Trpura via Bangladesh was signed in 2016.(valid till Sept 2016) road/rail connectivity MoU on Conservation ofthe Sunderbans, and Protocol on Conservation of the Royal Bengal Tiger ofthe Sunderbans

  9. LATEST DEVELOPMENTS Land Boundary Agreement (IBA), 1974 finally ratified-162 border enclaves exchanged Notun Proonmo ay Disha New Beginning New Drection _ Joint Declaration of 22 agreements June 2015). Two bus services Iannched in June 2015 via Dhaka which connect four state Assam and West Bengal -Trpura, Meghalaya, enpall Kolkata-Dhaka-Agartala 'Dhaka-Shillong-Guwahati Border Haats set up along Meghalaya and Tripura border for trade in specified products * International Intermet gateway 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) of internet speed in exchange of 100MW of power.

  10. BONUS: START-UP KIT Books: 12th class NCERT book: Politics in India Since Independence, Chapter 4- India's Foreign Policy-Sumit ganguly (ed.) Challenge and Strategy: Rethinking India's Foreign Policy-Rajiv Sikri Apax Indica-Shashi Tharoor ca - India Yearbook 2016 Online resources: *