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April 18th 2017: Practice MCQs
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This lesson covers MCQs on English language comprehension skills in various categories like antonyms, synonyms, et cetera.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓 IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer🏅Author of "So This is How I Die of Wandering" 📖

Unacademy user
as mind is relarted to thought , factory is to goods , dam is to electricity, kitchen is to food , LBSNAA IS TO IAS :-)
Terrible is terror inducing. Shouldn't the farthest meaning be soothing. Delectable mean either delicious or extremely attractive.
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
Hey Gagan, That's because the meaning of terrible is also extremely unpleasant and hence the antonym delectable. The context in which the question has been asked is unpredictable. The source I referred to, was the same as yours to confirm the answer before putting it in the lesson. It mentioned delectable as one of the antonyms and hence I decided to go ahead with the given answer. Thanks, Palak
Gagan Sharma
2 years ago
Mam can you please add these questions in daily mcq's..... Rewrite the following sentences after making necessary corrections. (i) He enjoyed during the holidays. (ii) Whoever works hard he will win. (iii) The man who knocked at the door was stranger. (iv) I asked my colleague when was he going to his home town. (v) Besides clothes, the shopkeeper deals with cosmetics too. (vi) He is desirous for joining the army. (vii) The judge said that the truth always triumphed. (viii) One should help his friend in difficulty. (ix) Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman India has produced, isn’t it? (x) More you read less you understand. Rewrite each of the following sentences as directed. (i) He is too arrogant to listen to advice. (Change into a complex sentence) (ii) He said to me, “What is your name ?” (Change into indirect speech) (iii) My mother asked me if I had finished my breakfast. (Change into direct speech) (iv) The people will make him president. (Change into passive voice) (v) My pocket has been picked. (Change into active voice) (vi) He confessed that he was guilty. (Change into a simple sentence) (vii) He ran fast to reach the bus stop. (Change into an interrogative sentence) (viii) To the best of my knowledge, he is a vegetarian. (Begin the sentence : As far as ...) (ix) A.R. Rehman is a versatile music composer,_______? (Supply an appropriate tag question) (x) It is a pity that a noble person should suffer. (Change into an exclamatory sentence)
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
Hey Amruth! I'm glad to know that someone is so keenly into such practices. It would have been better had these been MCQs as the course is on MCQs exclusively. I'll anyway try to include them somewhere. Thanks again! :)
why cant HINDMOST be the opposite for FOREMOST in mcq 3 as hindmost means the last?
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
Hey Tamang! Pleasure to resolve your doubt. :) Foremost means something which is given maximum prominence whereas hindmost stands for furthest back. If you check out anywhere, you'll find the opposite of hindmost as first or leading. Therefore the furthest word to something which is "most prominent" should be "least prominent" or less important and hence, unimportant.
Tamang Waiba
2 years ago
ok...thank you so much...waiting for more courses...Your courses have been a lot helpful.
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
Thanks a ton Tamang. Glad that you liked them. Stay tuned! :)
in question 6, I think option A is also appropriate for TERRIBLE. please explain mam.

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  3. MCQ 1 Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given 1) ARDUOUS A. Hazardous B. Difficult C. Different D. Pleasurable

  4. Answer B. Difficult

  5. MCQ 2 2. There are_vie giving bonus to the employee:s A. independent B. divergent C. modest D. adverse views on the issue of

  6. Answer B. divergent

  7. MCQ 3 In each of the following questions, choose the word with opposite meaning to the given word with opposite meaning to the given word out of the given alternatives 3. Foremost A. Hindmost B. Unimportant C. Disposed D. Mature E. Premature

  8. Answer B. Unimportant

  9. McQ 4 4. S1 Having visited the Taj Mahal many tourists think that Agra has little else to offer. 56 There are few other buildings to match the delicacy of this tomb. P: One of these is surely the tomb of Itimad-nd-daulah. Q The design of the whole tomb was given by his daughter Nur Jahan. R: After seeing the Taj one could profitably visit half a dozen other Mughal buildings. S: This tomb has the delicacy of a baroque jewel case. The proper sequence should be (a) R SQ P (b) Q S R P (c) SPRQ (d) RP SQ

  10. Answer (d) R P SQ

  11. Answer A, Medal: Decoration

  12. Answer D, Nurturing

  13. Answer C. speaking

  14. MCQ 9 9. One who cannot be easily pleased A. Cosmopolitan B. Frightening C. Fastidious D. Feminist

  15. Answer C. Fastidious

  16. Answer A. Drive

  17. Answer D. abominable

  18. MCQ 14 14. Find the correctly spelt word. A. Adulation B. Adlation C. Aduletion D. Addulation

  19. MCQ 16 16. Supposing if / it rains / what shall / we do? A. Supposing if B. it rains C. what shall D. we do? E. No Error