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29th April 2017: Practice MCQs
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This lesson covers MCQs on English language comprehension skills in various categories like antonyms, synonyms, et cetera.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
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Unacademy user
Sir In 1st question how can you assume that 500 total vote. If I assume 400 then I didn’t get answer
M S Mustafaa
3 months ago
I will check answer please wait
In MCQ 8 , Option D is the right answer "He told me he expected me to attend the function". Option A has "had" in it. Hence not right
A bit too fast paced!

  2. About Me Economics Honors Grad Poet at Heart & Content Developer Global Youth Ambassador Mixture of Keynes & Shakespeare Rate, Review, Recommend & Share POETRY

  3. MCQ 1 Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given 1) CANTANKEROUS (a) Bad tempered (b) Full of contempt (c) Very sick (d) Very envious

  4. Answer (a) Bad tempered

  5. MCQ 2 2. The Ministry has directed banks / to do away with their/ 2. The Ministry has directed banks to do away with their / separate promotion policies, a move / strongly opposed by the officers' unions. A. The Ministry has directed banks B. to do away with their C. separate promotion policies, a move D. strongly opposed by the officers' unions E. No error

  6. Answer Answer: Option D Solution: Change, strongly opposed by the officers' unions-strongly opposed by the officers' union

  7. MCQ 3 3. In each of the following questions, choose the word with opposite meaning to the given word out of the given alternatives 3. GARRULOU (a) Reticent (b) Soft-spoken (c) Peaceful (d) Kind

  8. Answer (a) Reticent

  9. MCQ 4 4. Find correct sequence of sentence: P: not indeed in the sense that education has been universal Q: Our country has been a land of learning R: and the learned man has been held in higher esteem than the warrior or administrator S: but in the sense that education has been universal (A) QRSP (B) RSPQ (C) QPSR (D) RQSP

  10. Answer (C) QPSR

  11. Answer A. Book

  12. Answer (b) Repeal

  13. Answer . Answer: Option A . Solution: He told me that he expected me to attend the function.

  14. MCQ 9 9. Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something: A. Coercion B. Conviction C. Confession D. Cajolement

  15. Answer Answer: Option A .Solution: Conviction . a formal declaration by the verdict of a jury or the decision of a judge in a court of law that someone is guilty of a criminal offence. Confession a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime. Cajolement: persuade (someone) to do something by sustained coaxing or flattery. Coercion the action or practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats. The one word substitution is Coercion. .

  16. Answer . Answer: Option E Solution: Sentence is correct

  17. Answer Answer: Option C Solution: Most of the committee members were in favour of the construction of a new dam in that village. . .

  18. MCQ 14 14. Find the correct spelt word. A. Uniquely B. Internaly C. Coldlly D. Fortunatelly

  19. MCQ 16 16. It is common / knowledge that each / of us / loves our home A. It is common B. knowledge that each C. of us D. loves our home E. No error