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April 16th 2017: Practice MCQs
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This lesson covers MCQs on English language comprehension skills in various categories like antonyms, synonyms, et cetera.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓 IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer🏅Author of "So This is How I Die of Wandering" 📖

Unacademy user
with reference to the 16th april mcqs,shouldnt 7th mcq 's answer be A?n not B.i am confused please explain
madam kindly plz make more words ....and bigger vedios...................plz plz plz plz
thank you so much for this such a helpful course
how to strong antonyms and easy way...
mcq 6 answer is option b

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  3. TRANSFERRED EPITHET OXYMORON silent woze PUN true doubl-muau ing fest

  4. MCQ 1 In each of these questions, a disarranged sentence is given and coded as A, B, C, D Select the choice which gives the correct order of the parts of the sentence in order to make it meaningful. 1. The credit and honour that go with a high grade become the end and not the means Perhaps many high achievers seek the grade rather than the knowledge This trait which makes for a good student does not necessarily make for a good manager A good manager is a credit giver, not a credit taker (A) (B) (C) (D) (A) ABDO (B) BACD (C) CABD (D) ADBC


  6. MCQ 2 In each of the following questions find ouf the alfernative which will replace the question mark. 2. Dilatory: Expeditious:: Direct? (A) Tortuous (B) Circumlocutory (C) Straight (D) Curved

  7. ANSWER Explanation Words in pairs are opposite to each other.

  8. MCQ 3 In each of these questions, a sentence followed by four alternative meanings is given. Each sentence contains an idiom/phrase. You are to select the best alternatives meaning which best expresses the meaning of that idiom/phrase 3. Management schools must keep abreast of the negative developments in management education. (A)Welcome (B)Become hostile (C) Become defensive (D)To be informed about

  9. ANSWER (D) To be informed about

  10. MCQ 4 word. 4. SEQUESTER (A) Slump (B) Isolate (C) Unify (D) Simple

  11. MCQ 5 In these questions, in each sentence some part or the whole is underlined. Each sentence is followed by five alternative versions of the underlined portion. Select the alternative you consider most correct and most effective according to the requirements of standard written English. 5. Our hotel is near the venue that the conference took place. (A) Nearby the venue of (B) Next to the venue (C) Near to the venue which (D) Near the venue where (E) No correction required

  12. Some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and choose that part as your answer. 7. We should be (A)/ always content with what(B) / we have. (C)/ no error (D)

  13. MCQ 8 Choose the most suitable option for each blank, and write the letter in the brackets provided 8. You will have to_your to__your mistakes. A) Pay to B) Pay for C) pay off D) pay over

  14. Answer (B) Pay for

  15. MCQ 9 In each of these questions, 4 words which are numbered (1), (2), (3) & (4) have been printed of which one may be wronqly spelt. Choose that word as your answer. If all four are correctly spelt, mark (5) i.e., All correct as your answer 9. (1) Planatarium (2) ridiculous (3) severance (4) traverse (5) All correct