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5th April 2017: Practice MCQs
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This lesson covers MCQs on English language comprehension skills in various categories like antonyms, synonyms, et cetera.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓 IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer🏅Author of "So This is How I Die of Wandering" 📖

Unacademy user
sir please suggest a book for economy upsc 2019
Kindly increase the number of questions (At least 10 in a video )
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
Hey Abhishek, I would have done that, but then the explanation for each part would have automatically shortened. So I considered that its better to be Master of some trade, and not Jack of all. Will consider your suggestion anyway. Thanks. :)
Abhishek Anand
2 years ago
Thanks .
Kindly increase the number of questions (At least 10 in a video )
Kindly increase the number of questions (At least 10 in a video )

  2. About Me Economics Honours Grad Poet at Heart & Content Developer Global Youth Ambassador Mixture of Keynes & Shakespeare POETRY Rate, Review, Recommend & Share

  3. MCQ 1 hese questions are not complete sentences. One or more words are left out of each sentence. Under each sentence, there are four words or phrases given. Choose one word or phrase that completes the sentence correctly people their It is earth's aravity which weight. 1. (A) Gives c) Giving (B) Give (D) Given

  4. ANSWER (A) Gives

  5. MCQ 2 In these questions, a related pair of words in capitals is followed by four pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in original pair. 2. ANTLERS: STAG (A) Wings: eagle (C) Horns: bull (B) Hoofs: horse (D) Mane: lion

  6. ANSWER (C) Horns: bull Hoofs- foot of the horse Mane- long hair on the back of neck Wings

  7. MCQ 3 Choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word. 3. Salutatory (A) Sad (B) Valedictory (C) Derivative (D) Promising

  8. ANSWER (B) Valedictory Sad- Happy Derivative- Original Promising- Unfavorable

  9. MCQ 4 Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase. 4. To egg on (A) To urge (B) To advise (C) To ask (D) To warn

  10. ANSWER (A) To urge