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9th April 2017: Practice MCQs
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This lesson covers MCQs on English language comprehension skills in various categories like antonyms, synonyms, et cetera.

Palak Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓 IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer🏅Author of "So This is How I Die of Wandering" 📖

Unacademy user
the old no. is 7 and new no. would be 11. so the answer should be 11×16=176.
I think there is error in ques. 4 of indirect speech . Answer should be the one in which 'that' is not used because 'that' is not used with asked . Btw impressive work. !
Rohan Bhardwaj
2 years ago
I wish palak had replied to this post, and i agree with your conjecture.
i think she mentioned this thing in one of her previous videos. you can watch previous ones for your doubt.
Rohan Bhardwaj
2 years ago
thx for sharing this information :)
The answer to Q4) seems to be incorrect as when we ask a question we do not use "that" while converting it to indirect speech.
Is there a need of introduction in every slides???
In MCQ1, Option D also seems to be correct. Can you describe how that option is incorrect
MAM please check the forth question answer. we do not use why or that together

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  3. MCQ 1 In each of these questions, a disarranged sentence is given and coded as a, b c, d. Select the choice which gives the correct order of the parts of the sentence in order to make it meaningful. 1. A. Deprived of livelihood and income, they face penury, and as families split up and spread out, their community bonds crumble B. Oddly, all this happens in the name of development, and the victim are s happens in the name of development an described as beneficiaries. C. Cut off from their most vital resources, those uprooted are then robbed of their history traditions and culture. D. Imagine the entire population of the continent of Australia turned out of their homes eighteen million people losing their lands, evicted from their houses. c. cut off from their most vtal resores, those uprooted are then (a) DACB (b) DBAC (c) ACDB (d) ABDC

  4. ANSWER (a) DACB

  5. MCQ 2 In these questions, a related pair of words in capitals is followed by four pair of words. Select the pair that best expresses the relationship similar to that expressed in original pair. 2. PROLOGUE:NOVEL (a) Preamble: constitution (b) Sketch: drawing (c) Movement: symphony (d) Index: book

  6. ANSWER (A) Preamble: constitution fppt.comm

  7. MCQ 3 Select the correct word or phrase to complete a grammati and idiomatic sentence. Agriculture in America has-industrial progress. 3. Choose one (a) kept pace with (b) kept paces along (c) kept its pace for (d) kept pace together with fppt.conm

  8. ANSWER (a) kept pace with

  9. MCQ 4 Pick out the correct alternative that complete sentence which is changed into indirect narration The thief said to the policeman, "Why did you beat me so mercilessly?" The thief: 4. Choose one (a) asked the policeman why he had beaten him so mercilessly (b) said the policeman that why he had beaten him mercilessly. (c) asked the policeman that why he had beaten him so mercilessly (d) None of these.

  10. ANSWER (c) Asked the policeman that why he had beaten him mercilessly

  11. Answer

  12. MCQ 8 Choose the most suitable option for each blank, and write the letter in the brackets provided. 8. Would you mind a. don't smoke b. not to smoke c. not smoking d. no smoking

  13. Answer (C) Not smoking

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