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30th March 2019 Part-1: Daily News Analysis
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Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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Nice course sir...aap yea course main ,jo grammar market mai koe nehi padhate ,wohi padhayea plz....sri aap ka online course jaldi se launch kijiye plz,.....
Aap daily yhi bolte ho... but Josh maintain nhi ho pata h
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  3. want fo be start but th MCOs FOR 30TH MARCH, 2019 1) Which of the following statements is/are correct? I. Financial Action Task Force monitors the progress of its members in implementing measures ph reve against money laundering and terrorist financing. 2. The FATF Secretariat is housed at the OECD headquarters in Paris. Select the correct answer using the code given below a) 1 only ink h cause ferent b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 pu kand stay

  4. want fo be start but th 2) Which of the following statements is/are correct? 1. A VVPAT is an independent verification system for voting machines 2. Votes are confirmed by the VVPAT by allowing voters to indicate their vote again in the VVPAT ph reve Select the correct answer using the code given below 1 he a) only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 ink h cause d) Neither 1 nor 2 pu kand stay

  5. want fo be start but th 3) Which of the following statements is/are correct? I. India's current account deficit narrowed to 2.5% of GDP sequentially in the December quarter. 2. India's fiscal deficit in the 1 1 months to February 2019 rose to 134% of the budgeted target ph reve Select the correct answer using the code given below 3 a) only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 ink h cause d) Neither 1 nor 2 pu kand stay es that IP

  6. want fo be start but th 4) Which of the following countries are Oceania countries? 1. Australia 2. New Zealand 3. Fiji islands ph reve Select the correct answer using the code given below a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 and 3 only c) 1 and 3 only ink h cause d), 2 and 3 pu kand stay

  7. want fo be start but th 5) Which of the following statements has recently been conferred the Geographical Indication? 1. Bababudangiris Arabica coffee from Karnataka 2. Araku Valley Arabica from Andhra Pradesh 3. Coorg Arabica coffee from Karnataka ph reve 4. Wayanad Robusta coffee from Kerala he g t Select the correct answer using the code given below a) 1 and 2 only b) 2, 3 and 4 only ink h cause ferent c 3 and 4 only d) 1,2, 3 and 4 pu kand stay

  8. want fo be start but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base GSM 2 1. Page 1: Increase in VVPAT numbers will delay counting by six days: EC ph 2. Page 1: PM's speech didn't violate code: EQC he3. Page 1: 'Kartarpur talks only if Pak. concedes demands rev 4. Page 8: India fears misuse of Kartarpur corridor 5. Page 1: China denies it is shielding Masood Azhar 6. Page 5: Proposal for job guarantee scheme GSM 3 1. Page 1: Government sets up group to monitor terror sympathisers 2. Page 5: Debris from anti-satellite test to disintegrate in 45 days: official 3. Page 11: Share pledges on the rise as funds dry up 4. Page 1 1: In Q3, current account deficit narrows to 2.5% ink h cause ferent pu kand stay 5. Page 11: Centre to borrow R7.1 lakh crore in FY20, says Garg 6. Page 11: Revival of full fleet crucial for turnaround of Jet Airways

  9. want fo be start but th Page 1: Increase in VVPAT numbers will delay counting by six days: EC . The 2019 Lok Sabha election results will be delayed by six whole days if the Opposition parties, demand to increase the counting of VVPAT slips by 50% becomes a reality, the Election Commission indicated to the Supreme Court. pThe affidavit says ne: The 50% Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) slip verification in each Assembly segment of a parliamentary constituency or Assembly constituency, on an average, shall enlarge the time required for counting to about six days. The current confidence level in EVM-VVPAT accuracy is 99.9936%. Any increase in th sample size of verification of VVPAT slips would only lead to a "very negligible gain in the confidence level ink h ferent . Adoption of a particular percentage as a sample for VVPAT slip verification was devoid of pur scientific logic or statistical basis. In fact, it was rather otiose. Increased VVPAT slip counting would require extensive training and capacity building of kand stay election officials in the field. The process is conducted in specially erected VVPAT counting booths under the close monitoring of the returning officer and direct oversight of the observer.

  10. want fo be start but th .The EC said its confidence in EVM-VVPATs is sourced from their secure designs, elaborate procedural safeguards adopted for their usage, and finally the fact that there have been zero errors in sample verifications so far Checks at three levels ret said it undertakes a three-level check on EVM-VVPATs prior to elections. Each and every EVM and VVPAT is checked once by slip verification during first level check Thereafter, 5% of the EVMs are selected at random and subjected to higher scrutiny through a mock poll along with slip verification of 1,200 votes for 196, 1000 votes for 2% and 500 votes for 2% of EVMs. . ink h cause t . The checks are done in the presence of the representatives of political parties and candidates. i pur EVMs and VVPATs are subjected to a second mock poll along with slip verification at the ve time of setting of candidates on the EVMs in the presence of candidates or their representatives. A third mock poll is undertaken with slip verification of at least 50 votes on EVMs and VVPATs on the day of the election in the presence of polling agents kand stay

  11. want fo be start but th The EC made its stand clear despite the court's recent strong observations in favour of an increase in the sample VVPAT slip counting for the forthcoming elections. With this, the EC has also chosen to stand firm against a plea by 21 Opposition parties that moved the court challenging the poll body's guideline that VVPAT slip counting would take place only in one polling station in an Assembly constituency or each Assembly segment in the Lok Sabha election. The EC banked on a March 22, 2019 report of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) to buttress its case against increasing the VVPAT slips' counting The ISI report recommends that a sample verification of 479 EVMs and VVPATs out of a n total 10.35 lakh machines would lift confidence to 99.9936%. But the EC's sample verification for the April-May Lok Sabha polls would cover 4,125 EVMs and VVPATs which is 8.6 times the sample size recommended in the ISI report. . . plu rev heg . cause ferent PLI kand stay

  12. want fo be start but th Page 8: India fears misuse of Kartarpur corridor A senior government official said that recent reports that Gopal Singh Chawla, close aide o internationally designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed, was being made a member of the 10 member committee for managing the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, had raised "fresh concerns about the safety and security of pilgrims and misuse of the corridor for anti-India activities." The official cited these concerns and India's stand that Pakistan respond to its demand for a lifting the cap on the number of pilgrims and a waiver of the proposed fee as conditions to hold the second delegation-level talks scheduled to be held on April 2 at Wagah. India said that depending on the response received from Pakistan, the next meeting would be scheduled to take the discussions forward. The first meeting was held on March 14 at Attari. The official said reports had also surfaced about the association of anti-India elements with the Kartarpur Corridor such as Bison Singh, Kuljit Singh, Maninder Singh, and others. The official however, said that to expedite the infrastructure development for the corridor, India has proposed to hold another meeting of technical experts in mid-April to resolve outstanding issues at the "zero point. India has demanded the corridor to be open seven days a week. Punjab itself has more than three crore population, people from across India would like to visit the shrine. rev cause t ferent PLI kand stay

  13. want fo be start but th Page 1: Government sets up group to monitor terror sympathisers To take action against "hard core sympathisers among government employees, including teachers, who are providing covert or overt support" to terror-related activities, the Ministry of Home Affairs has formed a Terror Monitoring Group (TMG) eThe order by Jammu and Kashmir Department in MHA, says that in order to ensure esynergised and concerted action against terror financing and other related activities in Jammu and Kashmir, a multi-disciplinary monitoring group comprising eight members ha:s been constituted. Functions ink h ferent The TMG has to take coordinated action in all registered cases that relate to terror financing * It will identify all key persons, including leaders of the organisation(s), who are involved in The TMG will "investigate the networks of various channels being used to fund terror and and terror-related activities and bring them to a logical conclusion. supporting terrorism in any form and take concerted action against them terror activities and take coordinated action to stop flow of such funds". The group will meet PLI kand stay on a weekly basis and submit action-taken report regularly to the MHA

  14. want fo be start but th Page 11: Share pledges on the rise as funds dry up .A volatile stock market with an underlying weak trend has made fund raising difficult for Data show that for the first time the number of companies, wherein at least some part of ock Exchange (NSE) that has a little more than 1,900 companies listed. companies forcing promoters to increasingly resort to pledging their shares to raise finance promoter share is pledged, has crossed the 500-mark 509 to be precise-on the National reve h Further, data from Prime Database show that while the total value of pledged shares was pegged at 2.09 lakh crore at the end of February, there were nearly 50 companies wherein more than 99% of the promoter share was pledged. Promoter pledging refers to the practice of promoters giving their shares as collateral to financial institutions -banks, non-banking finance companies (NBFCs), mutual funds -to ,p raise funds to meet short-term capital requirements or, at times, even for capital expansion when other avenues are difficult to tap. Incidentally, the share of pledged shares held by NBFCs has touched an all-time high of nearly 42% as mutual funds try to reduce their exposure in the segment. . ferent kand stay

  15. want fo be start but th The share of banks has also touched an all-time high of 13.73%, as on February 28. Mutual funds have been in focus recently especially in terms of their exposure towards pledged shares as stocks of Zee Group entities, Dewan Housing Finance and Anil Ambani Group, among others, saw a steep decline in their share prices. has The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is already examining the exposure of fund houses in this segment while mulling whether the regulations for mutual funds' exposure towards pledged shares need to be tightened. MFs under lens Mutual funds had come under a lot of scrutiny over pledged shares and so fund houses have become slightly wary of this segment and seem to be reducing their exposure. Given the increased focus on mutual funds as also the stress which NBFCs are under in the put last few months due to the IL&FS issue, market share seems to be moving to banks cause ferent kand stay . While the share of banks is on the rise, banks are tightly regulated in terms of their exposure towards loans against shares. Meanwhile, a section of market participants believe that the regulator should review the rules for disclosures related to pledging

  16. want fo be start but th Page 11: Revival of full fleet crucial for turnaround of Jet Airwavs Revival of Jet's full fleet is crucial for the projected turnaround of the airline as the overall cost is built into that. Any lesser deployment of aircraft or even a near-full fleet would render the operation eeunviable, said people familiar with the running of the airline. Before it flew into a financial crisis which ultimately led to the removal of the promoters from the board, the airline had 124 aircraft in its fleet. Owing to financial issues and non-payment of lease rentals, more than two-thirds of its fleet was grounded during most part of this month. Jet Airways has decided to progressively increase the number of aircrafts for flying The ,500-crore fresh loan is expected to manage the operations for the next four to five months because the business will generate cash. All efforts will be to stabilise operations. ink h ferent . lpun kand stay . The company will have to retain its existing fleet because of the uncertainty in delivery of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes it has ordered. . Jet had ordered 225 such aircraft, five of which have been delivered. But all these were not ' flying since they were grounded by lessors