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27th March 2019 Part-2: Daily News Analysis
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Heat waves; H1N1

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Jatin Verma
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how can i get to know which sentence is past indefinite and which one is past perfect tense
Abhijaya Patil
a year ago
Hi Shubham! When you use the verb in the past form only then it is the simple past tense and when you use (had + past participle) then it's the past perfect tense. e.g. Jay had cooked breakfast when we got up. (Past Perfect; It shows that Jay cooked breakfast before we got up) Jay cooked breakfast when we got up. (Past; It shows that first we got up and then Jay cooked breakfast) Please do watch the video of past perfect tense also so that all your doubts are cleared.
sir malaria is cause by female anapheles mosquito and dengue cause by ades egypti mosquito..
Sir please post DNA OF HINDU ON DAILY basis
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  3. want fo be start but th Page 7: China destroys maps showing wrong' border . China has destroyed 30,000 world maps printed in the country for export for not mentioning Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan as part of the Chinese territory, the official media reported. . China claims Arunachal Pradesh as part of south Tibet, and routinely objects to Indian hars visiting the State to highlight its stand. The two countries have so far held 21 rounds e*of talks to resolve the border dispute covering the 3,488-km-long Line of Actual Control. The maps were meant for export to an "unspecified country", state-run Global Times reported. Almost 30,000 "incorrect" world maps, showing Taiwan as a separate country and wrong depiction of the Sino-Indian border, were destroyed by the customs authorities in Qingdao in eastern Shandong province, it said ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay

  4. want fo be start but th Page 7: Govt. notifies new rules for drugs, clinical trials The Union Health Ministry has notified the Drugs and Clinical Trials Rules, 2019, with the government stating that the move is aimed at promoting clinical research in the country y ha The rules will apply to all new drugs, investigational new drugs for human use, clinical phe eetrials, bio-equivalence studies and ethics committees. Highlights of the notification . Reduction in time for approving applications, which has now come down to 30 days for drugs manufactured in India and 90 days for those developed outside the country Also, in case of no communication from Drugs Controller General of India, the applica will be deemed to have been approved. The requirement of a local clinical trial may be waived for approval of a new drug if it is approved and marketed in any of the countries (EU, U.K., Australia, Japan and U.S.) specified by the Drugs Controller General with the approval of the government The new rules will ensure patient safety and an ethics committee will monitor the trials and decide on the amount of compensation in cases of adverse events. ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay

  5. want fo be start but th Page 7: Is death by mosquito bite insurable? What is the Supreme Court order? The SC held in a case that malaria acquired as a result of mosquito bite in Mozambique could not be covered under the accident insurance policy as one out of three people in ree ozambique is afflicted with malaria. ound The case concerns Debhashis Bhattacharjee, who died of multiple organ failure after being diagnosed with encephalitis malaria contracted from a mosquito bite he sustained while working in Mozambique in 2012 His insurance policy covered personal accidents. Both the State and the National Consumer Dipsutes Redressal Commissions dismissed the D plea made by the insurance company, National Insurance Limited, that the man died as a result of an infection. ink h cause ferent kand stay The company argued that a mosquito bite cannot be classified as a 'personal accident' covered under the policy.

  6. want fo be start but th The insurance company, represented by advocate Madhavi Divan, said death due to malaria was a common occurrence in Mozambique. Ms. Divan referred to the World Health Organisation's World Malaria Report 2018, which showed that an estimated ten million cases of malaria in Mozambique and an estimated 14.7 . p thousand deaths in 2017. The National Commission too had agreed that if the insurance company could cover events like snake bite, frost bite and dog bite then why not mosquito bites SC judgement A Bench led by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud disagreed with the conclusions of both the ink h cause ferent Consumer Disputes Commissions. Justice Chandrachud acknowledged that being "bitten by a mosquito is an unforeseen eventuality," PLI However, the mosquito bit Mr. Bhatacharjee in Mozambique, which according to Worlod kand stay Health Organisation has a population of 29.6 million people and accounts for 5% of the cases of malaria globally "It was not a peril insured against in the policy of accident insurance," Justice Chandrachud said and set aside the decisions of the Consumer Disputes Commission.

  7. want fo be start but th Page 7: Sharp rise in H1N1 cases . In a matter of three weeks, the number of influenza A (HIN1) cases and deaths in India has . From 14,803 cases and 448 deaths ill February 24 this year, the number of cases and deaths . The figures have been collated by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, NCDC, . The number of cases reported till March 17 this year is far more than what was reported in Rajasthan continues to report the most number of cases and deaths, followed by Gujarat risen sharply by about 6,200 and over 225, respectively. rMarch 17 has touched 20,977 and 677, respectively. Delhi, based on data from the States. the whole of 2018 (14,992) Delhi has the third most number of cases. However, the number of H1N1 deaths in Delhi has 'Du ink h cause ferent . remained constant at seven. kand stay The number of cases in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka has nearly doubled in three weeks.

  8. want fo be start but th HINI The A/H1N1 virus An unusual cocktail of avian, swine and human viruses y has Bird flu Human flu ph reve he g Swine flu Pigs may harbour several flu viruses simultaneously The pathogens may mix to create a new viral strain ink h cause ferent Transmission Symptoms Pig to human -High fever Coughing, put inhaling viral particles there is no risk from eating cooked pork) Human to human inhaling sneezing Breathing difficulties Loss of appetite kand stay viral particles AFP 290409

  9. want fo be start but th Be aware of the symptoms_ Fever and cough; sore throat; runny or stuffy nose; difficulty in breathing; other symptoms may include body aches, headache, fatigue, chills, diarrhoea, vomiting, blood in sputum. ph rev Follow the DOs and DONTs DOS DONTs Cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or tissueShake hands or use other paper when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often with soap and water Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Avoid crowded places; Stay more than an arm's length from consulting the physician persons afflicted with flu Stay away from public places if you have fever,coughing and sneezing Drink plenty of water and eat nutritious food Sleep well. ink h cause ferent contact greetings Spit in public Take medicines without . . PLI kand stay

  10. want fo be start but th Page 1: 70% of fleet will be airborne in a month. Jet assures govt. . Jet Airways hopes to have over 70% of its planes back in air in the next month as the SBI-led consortium provides the beleaguered airline interim funding, its top brass told the government. The airline now has only 35 planes flying, out of a total of 103 planes, and wil aim to get 40 more planes airborne by the April-end, the officials said. Nearly 50 planes have been grounded owing to the non-payment of lease rentals, while others are inoperable because of maintenance issues that have led to large-scale flight cancellations The airline's chairman Naresh Goyal and his wife Anita resigned from the Board recently, reve ink h cause ferent . effecting a resolution plan under which an interim fund of R1,500 crore would be pumped in by the lenders. Jet's financial distress, combined with the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes, has resulted in as many as 60 planes being removed from the domestic market and an 8% fall in capacity Meanwhile, the Ministry has also advised airlines to not indulge in predatory pricing given the mismatch in demand and capacity due to unavailability of a large chunk of Jet Airways' planes. PLI . to stay

  11. want fo be start but th Page 13: Jet Airways gears up to restore suspended flights A day after its lenders agreed to sanction a fresh loan of f1,500 crore, Jet Airways kick- started a plan to get its grounded flights back on track. The entire fleet of over 100 aircraft, most of which is grounded due to various reasons, is expected to become operational in three to four weeks in a phased manner. . reve Though the money is yet to transferred to Jet's accounts, the airline, as a first step, has decided to restore more than 50 domestic flights which were suspended for April The whole fleet cannot be deployed instantly. Due procedure has to be followed to get the grounded planes back into deployment. . . To begin with, the airline will give priority to high-density sectors. An airline's assets are the network it has, the landing slots it is allotted, the flights it operates ink h ferent and the market share it commands. These are critical for the turnaround and Jet must restore them at the earliest possible The fresh loan will help pay the wages, clear some dues to lessors and make part payments to vendors PLI . kand stay The threat of the pilots' strike has fizzled out as they are expected to get most part of their dues. They have been only paid 12.5% of December salary. Salaries for January, February and March are due

  12. want fo be start but th Page 5: Stubble burning menace emerges in Kuttanad .Paddy fields in Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala, look black these days with some of them emitting plumes of smoke. Relatively a new phenomenon in this part of the region, setting paddy fields on fire after harvest by 'padashekhara samitis' and farmers is emerging as a major cause for concern. is posing serious health and environmental hazards. After the harvest of the puncha crop (first crop) began last month in Kuttanad, Fire Services and Rescue personnel and fire tenders have been pressed into action several times after the blaze went out of control, threatening to engulf even houses, life and property In Punjab or Haryana, residue burning is rampant after harvest, resulting in heavy smog choking the region every year. The rampant burning of fields started only a few years ago. The smoke from stubble contains carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals, which adversely affect human health and environment. However, the farmers are yet to be aware of the dangers. . ink h cause t ferent .The farmers are burning fields to destroy stubble, to check the germination of weedy rice kand stay and prevent diseases, as part of preparing their fields for the next crop season. They believe setting the fields on fire will improve the soil fertility. Experts, however, say the burning impacts the quality of soil as it robs the soil of vital nutrients .

  13. want fo be start but th Page 5: No respite from heat as mercury continues to rise in Kerala . Large parts of Kerala continued to sizzle in the scorching summer heat, with the temperature crossing 39 degrees at Vellayani, near Thiruvananthapuram, and hovering around 38 degrees in Palakkad and Kottayam districts and Punalur in Kollam reHeatstroke and sunburn cases were reported from several places even as the Kerala State eDisaster Management Authority sounded a warning that the maximum temperature in eight districts could rise by 2 to 3 degrees above normal over the next two days. Heat waves Heat waves are among the leading causes of deaths among natural disasters in India. The heat waves of 2015 and 2016 had killed 2,040 and 1,111 people across the country respectively, according to records from the National Disaster Management Agency. ink h cause ferent PLI What is a heat wave? kand stay A Heat Wave is a period of abnormally high temperatures, more than the normal maximum temperature that occurs during the summer season in the North-Western parts of India. Heat Waves typically occur between March and June, and in some rare cases even extend till July-

  14. want fo be start but th The extreme temperatures and resultant atmospheric conditions adversely affect people . living in these regions as they cause physiological stress, sometimes resulting in death Heat Wave need not be considered till maximum temperature of a station reaches atleast eWhen actual maximum temperature remains 45*C or more irrespective of normal maximum What are the IMD conditions for heat wave? 40*C for Plains and atleast 30*C for Hilly regions temperature, heat waves should be declared. Health Impacts of Heat Waves The health impacts of Heat Waves typically involve dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke, About NDMA ink h cause ferent It is the apex body for disaster management in India created under Disaster Managementp Act, 200s It is headed by the Prime Minister There are also State Disaster Management Authorities (SDMAs) headed by respective Chief kand stay Ministers, to spearhead and implement a holistic and integrated approach to Disaster Management in India

  15. want fo be start but th Page 7: India's carbon dioxide emissions up 5% According to a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA), India emitted 2,299 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2018, a 4.8% rise from the previous year. ph India's emissions growth was higher than that of the United States and China-the two reve biggest emitters in the world_and this was primarily due to a rise in coal consumption. China, the United States, and India together accounted for nearly 70% of the rise in energy demand India's per capita emissions were about 40% of the global average and contributed 7% to the imm global carbon dioxide burden. The U.S., the largest emitter, was responsible for 14% India's energy intensity improvement declined 3% from the previous year even as its renewable energy installations increased 10.6% Global energy consumption in 2018 increased at nearly twice the average rate of growth ink h cause . . PLI kand stay since 2010, driven by a robust global economy and higher heating and cooling needs in some parts of the world

  16. want fo be start but th Demand for all fuels increased, led by natural gas, even as solar and wind posted double digit growth Higher electricity demand was responsible for over half of the growth in energy needs Energy efficiency saw lacklustre improvement. As a result of higher energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions rose 1.7% last year and hit a new record The United States had the largest increase in oil and gas demand worldwide. Gas consumption jumped 10% from the previous year, the fastest increase since the beginning of IEA records in 1971 . . India's commitments ink h cause ferent As per its commitments to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, India has promised to reduce the emissions intensity of its economy by 2030, compared to the 2005 levels. . i pur kand stay It has also committed to having 40% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030 and, as part of this, install 100 GW of solar power by 2022 . India says it will cost at least $2.5trillion (*150 trillion approx.) to implement its climate ' pledge, around 7 1 % of the combined required spending for all developing country pledges

  17. want fo be start but th Page 13: RBI receives aggressive bids, infuses 34,500 cr. Liquidit . The first dollar-rupee buy/sell swap auction by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which was aimed at infusing primary liquidity, saw aggressive bidding by banks, data released by the central bank showed . The RBI received $16.31 billion in bids for the auction for a notified amount of $5 billion. In eturn, RBI infused 334,561 crore rupee liquidity. reve Market participants said the auction was successful as RBI got bids three times more than what it had intended to purchase, adding that both domestic and foreign banks participated in the auction cause ferent Fewer OMOs There is expectation that RBI would conduct more such auctions as there is an appetite in the pu market, and reduce dependence on open market purchases of bonds. RBI has infused a significant amount of liquidity in the current fiscal through open market operations (OMOs) kand stay .

  18. but th ph rev cause pu stay

  19. want fo be start but th Page 13: L&T makes an open offer to buy 31% stake in Mindtree for 5,030 cr. Engineering and construction major Larsen and Toubro (L&T) on Tuesday made an open offer to acquire up to 5.13 crore equity shares of Mindtree, representing 31% of the voting share capital, for 980 a share or 5,030 crore. y ha reThe offer will open on May 14 and close on May 27, the company informed Mindtree he shareholders. As per the terms of the offer, L&T does not have any intention to dispose-off or otherwise encumber any assets or investments of Mindtree or any of its subsidiaries, through sale, lease, encumbrance, reconstruction, restructuring or otherwise, other than in the ordinary course of business. ink h ferent Special resolution . "If the acquirer intends to alienate any material asset of the target company or any of its PLI kand stay subsidiaries within a period of two years from the date of completion of the offer, a special resolution of the shareholders of the target company or any of its subsidiaries, as applicable, would be taken before undertaking any such alienation of any material asset," said the offer document

  20. but th "The object and purpose of the acquisition of a controlling stake in the target company is aligned with the acquirer's strategy to grow the revenue and profit of its asset-light services, business portfolio, thereby increasing the consolidated return on equity and further ivsifying the consolidated group revenue and profits into the information technology and p technology services areas," L&T said . Last week, L&T had agreed to buy 20.32% stake in Mindtree for rev 3,269 crore from Indian he coffee baron V.G. Siddhartha. L&T had also placed an order with its broker for an on-market purchase of up to 1 5% of Mindtree's shares a 980 a share. ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  21. want fo be start but th Page 13: Mindtree not to go ahead with share buy-back . The board of Mindtree Ltd. decided not to go ahead with its proposed buy-back of equity shares amid a 'hostile' attempt by Larsen & Toubro to acquire a majority stake in the Bengaluru-based IT firm. ph Additionally, the board has formed a committee of independent directors (IDC) to look into eand provide recommendations on the "unsolicited" open offer by L&T to buy 5.13 crore Mindtree shares (about 3 1% stake) at 980 apiece. The committee has time till May 10 to give its recommendation to the company's shareholders on the open offer. All the independent directors will be members of the IDC ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  22. want fo be start but th L&T. Mindtree issue Larsen & Toubro announced its plans to acquire up to 66 per cent stake in Mindtree which was considered a hostile move by Mindtree. . Calling it a "grave threat" to the company, they said the acquisition lacked "any strategic ph advantage" L&T reached an agreement with V G Siddhartha, the owner ofCoffee Day Trading and Coffee Day Enterprises, to acquire a 20.32 per cent stake in Mindtree at Rs 980 per share, aggregating to around Rs 3,300 crore. ink h . It has also placed an order to acquire an additional 15 per cent stake from the open market And, apart from this, it wants to purchase 31 per cent stake of the outstanding shares through an open offer. pu With 66.32 per cent stake in Mindtree, L&T would become the majority shareholder. . kand stay

  23. want fo be start but th Whv is the takeover called a hostile move? View 1 - in support ofL&T Mindtree may have called the move a hostile move due to its emotions attached with the company where another company becomes a major shareholder suddenly. pBt looking at the larger picture, the takeover should be a good move as it involves the hegcoming together of two large companies having common interests. The move will help L&T to have a large audience and a greater pursuit of growth Also L&T is a company which makes huge investments in infrastructure. Their diversification into software and services will make the right blend for the company. . ink h View 2 - in support of Mindtree ferent The takeover is not a illegal one but an immoral and unethical one . Companies like mindtree were among the initial entrepreneurs in India. These companies PLI have been developed by people who have worked round the clock without salaries and holidays to bring up that company. The takeover of the company is more of disrupting the emotions of its employees who have just started reaping the benefits of their hard work. In India, cultural values hold more significance than large business stakes. kand stay .

  24. want fo be start but th The work ethos of both companies is different as well. While L&T has a purely business model, Mindtree has an informal way of working . What are the implications? L&Tbeing a large infrastructure company has chosen to invest in services sector which ree ht mean there is not much growth left in the infrastructure sector. Start ups should be cautious about their investors to avert such happenings in future. . It should be analysed whether such take over where the company and its employees are not very happy should be made or not Such takeovers might be the reason for hostility between the new management and its employees ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

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