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2nd March 2019 Part-2: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
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Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Jatin Verma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Jatin Verma
Have appeared in UPSC CSE thrice. Have been taking Unacademy Plus courses Academics- Polity, Economics & Current Affairs.

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plz Sir hindi m mil sakti h kya
Yes sir, right. You're doing great!
1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-a. 5-c.. thank you Jatin Sir.
You are gem of a person.
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  2. want fo be start but th MCOs FOR 2ND MARCH, 2019 1) Consider the following statements. 1. India is a founding member of Organisation of Islamic Cooperatiorn ph rev 2. India has the second largest number of Muslims in the world Which of the given statements is/are correct? a) only b) 2 only cause ferent c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 pu kand stay

  3. want fo be start but th 2) India and Pakistan are common members of 1. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation 2. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) 3. Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation ph eve (BIMSTEC) Select the correct answer using the code given below a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 only cause ferent c) 2 and 3 only d) ,2 and 3 pu kand stay

  4. but th 3) Consider the following statements regarding Right to Privacy. 1. It is a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution 2. It was declared a fundamental right in Kharak Singh verdict by the Supreme Court. Which of the given statements is/are correct? ph only rev b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  5. want fo be start but th 4) Consider the following statements regarding quota ordinance promulgated in Jammu and Kashmir recently. 1. It extends reservation benefits to people living along the Line of Control. 2. It is applicable only to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled tribes. ph reve Which of the given statements is/are correct? a) 1 only b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 cause ferent / d) Neither 1 nor 2 pu kand stay

  6. want fo be start but th 5) Consider the following statements regarding Purchasing Managers Index 1. It shows business activity only in the manufacturing sector. 2. Higher numbers denote expansion in the economy Which of the given statements is/are correct? ph only rev b) 2 only c) Both 1 and 2 d) Neither 1 nor 2 ink h cause ferent pu kand stay

  7. want fo be start but th Important News Articles Taking Delhi/Noida edition as the base Page 1:At OIC meet, India flays terror funding 2. 1. Page 1: JeM chief in Pakistan: Qureshi ph ve 3. Page 10: Hizb was backed by Jel: Centre 4. Page 11: China hopes Pakistan move will ease tension 5. Page 11: New Delhi briefs Colombo on Pulwama terror attack 6. Page 7: Order on surveillance meant to protect privacy, govt. tells SC cause ferent 7. Page 10: Quota ordinance will benefit 36 lakh in J&K, says Centre 8. 9. Page 13: SEBI slashes regulatory fee for brokers Page 13: Manufacturing PMI at a 14-month high of 54.3 in Feb. pu kand stay

  8. but th ph rev cause pu stay

  9. want fo be start but th Page 13: Manufacturing PMI at a 14-month high of 54.3 in Feb. Manufacturing activity expanded to a 14-month high of 54.3 in February, driven by increases in sales, output, and employment, according to a private sector survey. The Nikkei India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index registered a strong reading of has e 53.9 in January as well phe rev .A reading over 50 denotes an expansion in activity and one below 50 shows a contraction . The latest figure was consistent with a robust improvement in business conditions that was stronger than seen on average over the 14-year survey history. New work orders ink h ferent The report said that supportive government policies and strengthening demand conditions resulted in an expansion in the inflow of new work orders. The increase, it said, was the sixteenth in as many months and the most pronounced since October 2016. "The Indian manufacturing sector made further progress midway through the final quarter of FY18, building on the accelerated upturn noted in January," Pollyanna De Lima, principal economist at IHS Markit and author of the report, said. PLI kand stay

  10. want fo be start but th Purchasing Mana gers' Index (PMI PMI or a Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) is an indicator of business activity -- both in the manufacturing and services sectors It is a survey-based measures that asks the respondents about changes in their perception of some key business variables from the month before. neg It is calculated separately for the manufacturing and services sectors and then a composite index is constructed Reading PMI A figure above 50 denotes expansion in business activity Anything below 50 denotes contraction Higher the difference from this mid-point greater the expansion or contraction ink h cause ferent .The rate of expansion can also be judged by comparing the PMI with that of the previouspu .If the figure is higher than the previous month's then the econ-omy is expanding at a faster If it is lower than the previous month then it is growing at a lower rate. month data kand stay rate.

  11. want fo be start but th Uses The PMI is usually released at the start of the month, much before most of the official data on industrial output, manufacturing and GDP growth becomes available. . It is, therefore, considered a good leading indicator of economic activity. ph reve Central banks of many countries also use the index to help make decisions on interest rates. The PMI also gives an indication of corporate earnings and is closely watched by investors as well as the bond markets. A good reading enhances the attractiveness of an economy vis- a- vis another competing economy. cause ferent pu kand stay

  12. want fo be start but th The government said surveillance is necessary "in the modern world where modern tools of information communication, including encryption, is used" Surveillance is done only in the defence of India, to maintain public order, etc. He also said that permission for surveillance needs to be got from the Union Home . hSecretary. Besides, the law mandates the Centre and States to constitute a review committee he with the Cabinet Secretary The affidavit explained how there are "grave threats to the country from terrorism radicalisation, cross border terrorism, cyber crime, drug cartels", and these cannot be ignored " or under-stated. There is a need for "speedy collection of actionable intelligence" to counter ne threat to national interests The centre also said a well laid down procedure for oversight by a panel headed by the Cabinet secretary doubtlessly ensures that provisions of law, rules and SOP are adhered to. . ink h cause ferent . PLI kand stay

  13. but th Page 1: JeM chief in Pakistan: Qureshi Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar is in Pakistan, and asked India to give "solid inalienable evidence" for action to be taken against him, reeHe said Pakistan would follow the procedure according to law if India provided substantial he evidence to prove the allegations levelled on Azhar. He said the focus of his government was on fixing Pakistan's economic problems and improving governance in the country Meanwhile, former Pakistan Foreign Affairs Minister said Pakistan had to introspect and convince the world that it had nothing to do with terrorism cause ferent pu kand stay

  14. want fo be start but th Page 1: At OIC meet, India flays terror fundin . In a major diplomatic move, India hit out at Pakistan during a meeting of Foreign Ministers at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). In a speech at the inaugural plenary of the 46th session of the OIC Council of Foreign pl Ministers, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj stressed that the anti-terror fight was not ea clash among civilisations. Hinting at Pakistan, she said states which provide shelter and funding to terrorists must be told to to dismantle the infrastructure of the terrorist camps and stop providing funding and shelter to the terror organisations based in their country ink h cause ferent India is not a member of the OIC, but was invited to the Abu Dhabi meeting as the guest of . The speech by the Indian Minister was overshadowed by the current tension between India . Pakistan Foreign Minister did not attend the OIC meeting. honour. ipu and Pakistan kand stay In a strong statement, the Pakistan Foreign Minister protested the OIC's decision to grant a "guest of honour" status to India. He argued India had no "legal or moral grounds" to be present at the meeting.

  15. want fo be start but th Emphasises ties with Islamic Countries Ms. Swaraj named countries like Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh for the support extended for building ties with OIC . The Minister also named Afghanistan, Indonesia, Brunei, Egypt, Iran, Tunisia and the ties with India, hAfrican and Central Asian members of the OIC for maintaining historic and multi-layered he She said the fight against terrorism and extremism does not amount to a clash of cultures and instead described it as a fight between ideas . She presented India's pluralism and diversity as a source of strength and said Indian Muslims are a "microcosm" of India's larger diverse culture. . cause ferent . She elaborated on India's vast Muslim community as having diversity in languages, tastesp and attire and maintaining strong linguistic and cultural heritage of the region they live in kand stay

  16. want fo be start but th India and Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Formed 50 years ago, the Jeddah-based OIC group has 57 member states and describes itself as the "collective voice of the Muslim world" India, which has the world's second largest Muslim population - after Indonesia - has been excluded from the OIC since its formation in 1969 It is for the first time that India has been represented officially at the body. reve Earlier India was invited to be part of the inaugural conference in 1969 in Rabat, in Morocco, but subsequently did not allow any official delegation from New Delhi to participate in the meeting. This was because Pakistan, along with some its supporters, threatened to pull out of the opening summit if India was allowed to participate. Since then, the OIC has been used by Pakistan to criticise India, particularly its role in Jammu and Kashmir. cause ferent . PLI kand stay

  17. want fo be start but th Page 11: China hopes Pakistan move will ease tension . China welcomed the release of the IAF pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan, and hoped ,% it would lead to further de-escalation of tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad, as well as yield a joint investigation into the Pulwama terror attack. Aked on China's interventions in easing tensions between both the countries, China said ethat it had been calling upon both sides to exercise restraint and take measures to decrease reve tension, engage in dialogue to resolve their differences. China also said that both the countries should engage in more dialogue for the peace and stability of the region. . cause ferent pu kand stay

  18. want fo be start but th Page 10: Quota ordinance will benefit 36 lakh in J&K, says Centre .The Home Ministry has said the Union Cabinet's ordinance on reservation in Jammu and Kashmir cleared will benefit around 36 lakh people in the State. The Cabinet approved the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation (Amendment) Ordinance to extend reservation in jobs, education and promotions to people living along the International eBorder in Jammu It provides for amendments in the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act, 2004 to bringing persons residing in the areas adjoining International Border within the ambit of reservation at par with persons living in areas adjoining Actual Line of Control (ALoC) Earlier, the provision of3% reservation was available only for youth living within 6 kms of LoC in J&K The Cabinet also cleared an ordinance to implement the 10% reservation for candidates belonging to the economically weaker sections in the State. ink h cause ferent PLI kand stay The new reservation will be in addition to existing quotas in the State.

  19. want fo be start but th Page 13: SEBI slashes regulatory fee for brokers The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has lowered the regulatory fee that it charges market intermediaries, a move that is expected to bring down the overall trading costs for investors cem . The fee that brokers have to pay to SEBI has been reduced by 33.33%, while the the fees levied on agri-commodity brokers has been cut by 93.33% he! The regulatory fee paid by stock exchanges has also been lowered by 80% The move assumes significance as India has always featured among the most-expensive countries globally in terms of trading costs in the capital market. The board of the regulator also tweaked the valuation norms for debt mutual funds, while allowing institutional investors like mutual funds and portfolio management services in the pur commodity derivatives segment. ink h cause ferent . kand stay The watchdog has said that credit rating agencies may provide valuation of money market and debt securities that are rated below investment grade, thereby providing uniformity in valuation across fund houses. .

  20. but th Meanwhile, the regulator has given its nod for the participation of MFs and portfolio managers in the exchange traded commodity derivatives segment. Further, Category III Alternative Investment Funds, which are already permitted to participate in commodity derivatives, have now been permitted to deal with goods received p in delivery against physical settlement of such contracts, if any rev cause ferent pu kand stay

  21. .dI 8196 11:56 Thank you Jatin Verma 155k Followers Follow Ratings & Reviews Roman Saini A great course by Jatin Verma where he has literally covered all the important news from The Hindu. Must watch. Mohit Rai If i achieve my aim, my first salary will go to this great individual making this great informative and well-researched videos. I should take this opportunity to thanlk and congratulate him for the wonderful work he is doing for all the aspirants. He is meticulous and almost perfect in his approach and understanding. Please keep making such videos as a single 26k Enrollments Enroll