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Family-Based Puzzles

“Puzzle" is a problem design that is given to solve in several competitive examinations for testability, skills and the general aptitude of candidates. Family-based puzzles are important and scoring questions which are also time-consuming in the reasoning section.


“Puzzle” in simple terms refers to a problem design that is used to test the problem-solving ability and skill of the students and job aspirants. The family-based puzzle is one type of puzzle which includes a set of questions based on given conditions related to family relationships. Several competitive and entrance exams give such family-based puzzle questions to test the problem-solving ability and aptitude of students. These kinds of questions are also provided without certain conditions and only relationships between two family members are asked. Family-based puzzle questions with multiple answers were given to select the right alternative for a specific question. 


A family-based puzzle refers to a puzzle that consists of information regarding the relationship between different family members along with their dress, professions, preferences and qualities. A candidate needs to analyse the entire information and solve problems or questions by considering that information. A set of questions based on the family relationships are given which need to be solved through the analysis of given information. Tree diagrams help solve family and relationship-based puzzles in exams quickly. Questions based on blood relations are also given in this kind of question. Family-based questions are mainly included in the reasoning, aptitude and problem-solving section of the question paper which is an important section in competitive examinations. A candidate should draw a vertical line and tree diagram for solving family-based problems in exams. Candidates use given information for drawing a tree diagram to find out missing information or relations. This verbal reasoning is used to test the problem-solving ability for selecting a candidate for a job or any other course. 


Relations-based puzzles are one of the most important questions commonly asked in several competitive exams like SSC and CAT and other entrance examinations. These questions are more time-consuming than others as a candidate needs to read those questions accurately to answer correctly. It is important to follow some rules to solve family-based questions and give answers through analysing these questions. 

  • At first, it is important to read the question properly for understanding the problem and other information given regarding the relationship of family members.
  • The separate actual information is given above the question.
  • That actual information helps a candidate to draw some parts of the tree diagram. 
  • Parent-children relationship should be drawn in a vertical line whereas brother-sister relationship or husband-wife relationship should be drawn in a horizontal line.
  • One by one relationship needs to be drawn by reading actual information.
  • Finally, it would help a candidate to make the whole diagram with the given information and it would help to solve those relations-based problems. 


Several types of family-based puzzles are asked in the examinations. In some cases, some conditions are provided with a set of questions that have multiple options with them. A candidate needs to read family-based and relations-based information and solve the given problem by analysing those information and family relationships. In other cases, only questions are provided to test the general aptitude and problem-solving skills of students at a specific time. Qualities, relationships, professions, preferences, choices, blood relations are included in this kind of question. In some questions, directions are given where the candidates are told to solve questions and give answers by understating given statements. In this question, several family members are included. In another type of family-based reasoning, no condition is given, only a complex situation given in front of the candidate and the candidate needs to solve the given questions based on their analytics skills and general aptitude and reasoning skills. 


Example 1: A family has six members A, B, C, D, E and F. Among them, A and B are married couples. A is a male member and C is the brother of A. D is the only son of C. E is the elder sister of D and husband of F has died many years ago whose daughter-in-law is B. 

Q1. What is the relationship between A and F?

  1. Mother-in-law
  2. Son
  3. Mother
  4. Daughter 

Answer: c. Mother

Q2. How is E related to F?

  1. Grandson
  2. Granddaughter
  3. Grandmother
  4. Grandfather 

Answer: b. Granddaughter

Q3: Who is B to C?

  1. Brother-in-law
  2. Son-in-law
  3. Mother-in-law
  4. Sister-in-law

Answer: d. Sister-in-law

Example 2: Ravi pointing toward a picture told she is the daughter-in-law of his grandfather. How is Ravi related to the person in the picture?

  1. Mother
  2. Brother
  3. Sister
  4. Father

Answer: a. Mother


Family-based puzzles, relationship problems are asked in several competitive examinations to test the aptitude, problem-solving ability of the participants. Several types of family-based puzzles are given in those examinations. Some information about family relationships, blood relations, qualities of family members, preferences, professions of family members are given along with a set of questions with multiple options with them. A candidate needs to understand the given condition with actual information and solve those questions by selecting the right options by analysing the relationship between each member of a family with the help of a family tree.


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