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Eligibility Criteria

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SSC CHSL Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the post of SSC CHSL has been divided into various factors such as citizenship, age limit and educational qualifications. The complete details regarding each factor are mentioned below- 


1.1) The candidate applying for the particular position must be one of the following- 

  • An Indian citizen
  • A Bhutan/Nepal subject
  • A Tibetan refugee who migrated to India before January 1, 1962, for settling down in India permanently
  • An Indian originated person who moved from countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Zambia, Zaire, Vietnam, Burma, East African countries of Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania (Formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Malawi, and Ethiopia, to permanently settle down in India

1.2) Candidates who belong to the above categories (2), (3) and  (4) need to have an eligibility document or certificate which is issued by the Government of India.

1.3) Candidates who have to submit the eligibility certificate are permitted to sit for the exam, however, the call letter will only be issued if they display the required eligibility certificate issued to them by the Government of India.

Eligibility criteria for SSC CHSL Exam

Age limit [01-01-2021]:

2.1) Candidates must be between the age of 18-26 years as on 01.01.2021, which means, they must have a date of birth between 02.01.1994 and 01.01.2003.

2.2) The set standards of relaxation in upper age limit for various categories are given as follows-

Code no. 


Age relaxation 



5 years



3 years


PwD (unreserved)

10 years



13 years



15 years


Ex-servicemen (ESM)

03 years after deduction of the military service rendered from the actual age as on closing date of receipt of online application


Defence Personnel disabled in operation during hostilities with any foreign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof

3 years


Defence Personnel disabled in operation during hostilities with any foreign country or in a disturbed area and released as a consequence thereof (SC/ ST)

8 years


Central Govt. Civilian Employees: Who have rendered not less than 3 years regular and continuous service as on closing date for receipt of online applications

Up to 40 years


Central Govt. Civilian Employees: Who have rendered not less than 3 years regular and continuous service as on closing date for receipt of online applications (SC/ ST)

Up to 45 years


Widows/ Divorced Women/ Women judicially separated and who are not remarried

Up to 35 years


Widows/ Divorced Women/ Women judicially separated and who are not remarried (SC/ ST )

Up to 40 years

2.3) Candidates must record the date of birth as per their matriculation certificate only and they will not be allowed to make any further changes for the same.

2.4) Candidates who already served as an ex-servicemen  in civil side, under Government in Group C and D posts, frequently after taking the advantage offered in the reservation included for ex-servicemen for the purpose of reemployment will not be allowed to avail reservation in ESM category and fee concession. However, such candidates are allowed to enjoy the benefits of reservation as ex-servicemen for upcoming employment if they have provide self declaration to the relevant employer about the date wise details of applications for several vacancies they have applied for prior to joining the initial civil employment as specified OM No. 36034/1/2014-Estt (Res) dated 14th August 2014 issued by DoP&T, provided they have given the undertaking just after joining the civil employment. 

2.5) The call up service period of an ex-servicemen in the armed forces will be considered as services provided in the forces for the intention of availing age relaxation advantages as per guidelines.

2.6) Any servicemen of three armed forces of union to be considered as ex-servicemen, with the intention of availing reservation, he must already possess, at the required time of submitting his application for the post of ex-servicemen or is in a place to prove his already obtained title through documentary proof from the relevant authority that he will finish the mentioned term of services from armed forces within the specified time limit of one year from the closing date of receipt of applications. 

2.7) Any matriculated ex-servicemen (including those who obtained the Indian Army Special Certificate of education or corresponding certificate in Air force or Navy) and has put in a minimum of 15 years of services as on closing date of receipt of applications with the armed forces of the union will be treated as a qualified candidate for the appointment to the Group C posts against the position reserved for ESM only. Candidates who have served less than 15 years will not be allowed for the particular post.

2.8) Age relaxation advantages cannot be enjoyed by sons or daughters or dependents of ex-servicemen and they should not highlight their category as ex-servicemen. 

Educational qualifications as on 01.01.2021:

3.1) For LDC/ JSA, PA/ SA, DEO (except DEOs in C&AG): Candidates need to be a passout of 12th standard or equivalent level of exam from any recognised institution.

3.2) For Data Entry Operator (DEO Grade ‘A’) in the Office of Comptroller and Auditor General of India (C&AG): Candidates should have passed their 12th class in Science stream with Mathematics from any recognised university or equivalent.

3.3) According to the Ministry of Human Resource Development Notification dated 10-06-2015 published in Gazette of India, very degree/certificate/diploma awarded via open and distance mode of learning by universities established by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature, Institutions Deemed to be Universities under Section 3 of the University Grant Commission Act, 1956 and Institutions of National Importance declared under an Act of Parliament are already considered as for the intention of employment to positions as well as services under the Central Government, provided they are already approved by the Distance Education Bureau, University Grants Commission (UGC).  Similarly, if any candidate holds a degree that is not recognised by the relevant authority within the specified time limit, will be considered as invalid for the educational qualification criteria.

3.4) As per UGC (Open and Distance Learning) Regulations, 2017 published in official Gazette on 23-06-2017, under Part-III (8) (v), the programmes in engineering, pharmacy, nursing, medicine, architecture, dental, and physiotherapy etc. are not allowed to be provided in the Open and Distance Learning mode. However, pursuant to the Hon’ble Supreme Court Order dated 11-03-2019 in MA No. 3092/2018 in W.P. (C) No. 382/2018 titled Mukul Kumar Sharma & others Vs AICTE and others, students who enrolled for the academic year 2009-10 in programmes such as B.Tech degree/ diploma in Engineering provided by IGNOU, are permissible, wherever applicable.

3.5) Candidates who are yet to obtain the required educational qualification and display the proof of the same within the species time period are eligible.

3.6) Candidates who qualify and reach the stage of document verification will have to produce Mark sheets, Provisional Certificates etc. for completion of Intermediate/ Higher Secondary/ 10+2/ Senior Secondary in its original form as it will be considered as the proof that candidates posses the required educational qualifications. If the candidates fails to do so, his or her candidature are subjected to cancellation. Applicants who produce the evidence that support their claim of acquiring the required academic qualifications, via documents, on or before the cutt off date, will be considered valid as well. The required result should have been announced by the concerning board or university only. The EQ criteria will not be fulfilled if the Board or university has merely processed the result by the cut off date.

3.7) In case any candidate possess same level of equivalent education, they will have to produce the documents for the same for the verification process. The final decision regarding the selection of such candidates will only be taken by the appointing authorities.


The reservation option for the Scheduled Caste [SC], Scheduled Tribe [ST], Other Backward Classes [OBC], Economically Weaker Sections [EWS], Ex-Servicemen [ESM] and the person with Disabilities [PwD] will be according to the categories as per the orders from the government orders.

The Commission will select the candidates according to the vacancies reported by the concerned departments for various posts. The Commission does not have any role to decide the number of vacancies for any user departments. The implementation of the policy, maintaining the reservation scheme and earmarking the vacancies for various categories is according to the User Departments.

Permissible disabilities for PwD candidates:

Exception: Except for the Border Roads Organization [BRO] the following posts have been identified as suitable for the below-mentioned disabilities.

They are as follows:

Lower Division Clerk/Junior Secretariat Assistant:

  • Hearing Handicapped [HH]
  • Low Vision [LV]
  • Blind [B]
  • One Arm and One Leg Affected [OAL]
  • One Leg affected [OL]
  • Both legs affected [BL]
  • One arm affected [OA]

Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant:

  • Specific learning disability
  • Hard of Hearing [HH]
  • Low Vision [LV]
  • Blind [B]
  • Acid Attack victims
  • Dwarfism
  • Leprosy cured
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular weakness and limited physical endurance [MW]
  • Both legs affected but not arms [BL]
  • One arm and one leg affected [OAL]
  • One arm affected [OA]
  • One leg affected [OL]
  • Multiple disabilities from amongst disabilities mentioned above

Data Entry Operators [DEOs]

  • Low Vision [LV]
  • Hearing handicapped [HH]
  • Both legs affected [BL]
  • One arm and one leg affected [OAL]
  • One leg affected [OL]
  • One arm affected [OA]

Physical Efficiency Test, Physical and Medical Standard for the Post of Lower Division Clerk in Border Roads Organization (BRO)

  • Only male candidates are allowed for the posts in BRO

Physical efficiency test:

The physical efficiency test will be conducted at the GREF centre or the respective recruitment centre by the concerned authorities.

Physical standards:

Physical efficiency test for group C posts

S.No Activity Maximum Marks Time Available
1 One mile run Only passing the test is mandatory. 10 minutes


  • Candidates must complete the one mile run within the time specified
  • Applicants qualifying the examination conducted by the Staff Selection Commission must pass the one mile run test to be held at GREF Centre Pune to appear in the medical examination

Region wise physical standards:

S.No Region States/Region included Physical Standards
      Minimum Height Chest Minimum Weight
1 Western Himalaya Uttarakhand, Punjab Hills [Area South and West of the inter state border between Himachal Pradesh and Punjab and North and East of Road of Mukerian Hoshiarpur, Garh Shankar, Ropar, Chandigarh], Himachal Pradesh, J and K 158 cms minimum 75 cm [unexpanded] an expansion by 5 cm 47.5 Kgs
2 Eastern Himalayan Region Sikkim, Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya, Pradesh, Assam Arunachal Nagaland, Hill region of West Bengal[Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts and Andaman Nicobar] 152 cms minimum 75 cms [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 47.5 Kgs
3 West Plain Region Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Western Punjab, Rajasthan, UP 162.5 cms minimum 76 cm [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 50 Kgs
4 Eastern Plain Bihar, Eastern UP Bengal, & Orissa Jharkhand and West 157 cms minimum 75 c, [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 50 Kgs
5 Central Region Daman and Diu, Chattisgarh, Dadar Nagar and Haveli, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat 157 cms minimum 75 cm [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 50 Kgs
6 Southern Region Telangana, Goa, Pondicherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh 157 cms minimum 75 cm [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 50 Kgs
7 Relaxation to sons of serving/Ex -GREF personnel] 2 cms 1 cm 2 Kgs
8 Relaxation in DD cases [this will be applicable to own son adopted and not any other relative] 2 cms 1 cm 2 Kgs
9 Gorkhas [Indian Domicile] 152 cms minimum 75 cm [unexpanded] and expansion by 5 cm 47.5 Kgs

Medical Standards:

The medical standards for the various vacancies are mentioned below:

Every recruit for the position must be intelligent, should not have nervous instability and be in good health. The applicants should not have any constitutional or acquired disability according to the opinion of the Recruiting Medical Officer. The officer can state that the applicant is unfit for the duties especially in the high altitude and hard areas.

General examination:

All the recruits must be stripped during the medical examination with due regard to privacy and decency. Partially removed clothing is not sufficient for the completion of the process. Garments such as underwear are permitted except when the examination is conducted involving private parts. Every part of the body must be examined by the authorities in case the recruiter does not agree he will be rejected.

Permanent body tattoos are allowed on the inner part of the face of the forearm i.e. from the inside of the elbow to the wrist and on the reverse side of the palm/backside of the hand. In case an applicant has vulgar or objectionable tattoos then authorities at the GREF centre will take the final decision for the acceptability or unacceptability of the candidate. Permanent body tattoos and tattoos on any other part of the body are considered unacceptable and applicants cannot complete the further screening.

Responsibility for physical fitness:

The medical board will be responsible to check the physical fitness of the recruits. They will complete the process by checking the physical fitness and identification of the birthmarks. The board will also enter the form for any minor defects that are insufficient to cause rejection. If the recruit is found fit then the board will enter it on the enrolment form as Fit-category GREF-I and return it to the enrolling officer. The medical officer will sign the form and it will be considered equivalent that he has personally examined the recruit according to the instructions provided by the concerned authorities. In case of any defects, the recruit will be endorsed in the handwriting of the medical examiner. Additionally, the officer will state if there are no significant marks on the body of the recruit.

Medical History Sheet GREF/MED/2A:

  1. It is a document with major importance as it is linked to the claims of the disability pension on soldiers discharged from the service on medical terms
  2. The medical items mentioned in table no 1 of GREF/MED/2A must be completed by the medical board GREF/MED/2A
  3. In case the officers fail to provide the required attention and maintenance to the documents and inaccuracy of the entries can lead to delay and grave injustice to the recruited person
  4. Medical officers must ensure that every entry is carefully and accurately taken during the time of examination
  5. For future identification, all the marks and small defects must be noted properly and allowed to complete the procedure 

Note: Special attention should be done to defects that can lead to claims for pension in future.

Rules for governing medical inspection of candidates in GREF are mentioned below.

Principal points in the medical examination are mentioned below:

  • The limbs of the applicant should be well-formed
  • The chest should be formed properly and other organs such as the heart and lungs should be in good health
  • There should be no evidence for glandular swelling
  • His speech should be without impediment
  • The vision of the eyes should be according to the required standard, the eye should be bright and clear 
  • There should be no obvious squint, nystagmus or any other form of abnormality
  • Proper movement of eyeballs with free movements in all directions should be present in the candidate
  • The applicant must be in good health and there should be no sign of diseases of the ear, nose and throat
  • The applicant should be intelligent [the examiners should inspect if any kinds of defects are observed in the candidate]
  • The candidate should possess a sufficient number of teeth for proper mastication
  • He should have no diseases of the genitourinary tract
  • He should have traces of previous acute or chronic diseases
  • He should not have congenital malformation or defects in the body
  • The toes and feet of the applicant should be well-formed
  • All the joints should be in proper formation and must have good movements

Ground for Permanent rejection:

Candidates if in case they have the below-mentioned conditions will be permanently rejected:

  • Loss or decay of teeth if they interfere with the mastication then candidates will be rejected
  • If dental points are less than 14
  • In the case of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media/Mastoiditis
  • If the candidate has corneal opacities that can affect the binocular vision of the individual
  • In case of perforation of the tympanic membrane
  • If there is gross degree myopia and case of corneal surgery error
  • The case of color blindness
  • In case of cardiac murmur or hypertension [BP>140/95 mm hg]
  • In the case of Endocranial disorders
  • If there is a chronic lung infection
  • In case of sexually transmitted diseases
  • If there is any degree of squint or nystagmus, the candidate will be rejected
  • If there is mental and nervous instability including course digital tremors, palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis and tachycardia
  • If there is pronounced stammering
  • Deafness will be rejected
  • In the case of the general impaired constitution with a BMI less than 18 leading to frail health
  • If there is an abnormal gait candidate will be rejected
  • If the applicant has abnormal posture [Kyphosis, Scoliosis or Lordosis] he will be rejected
  • If there is a gross physical deformity of the chest such as Harrison’s sulcus and joints [Knock knee, bow leg and flat feet, etc. or pectus excavatum, barrel-shaped chest or pigeon chest
  • Permanent body tattoos on the body of the applicant will not be accepted and the candidate will be barred from the screening
  • The permanent tattoos are permitted on the inner side of the face of the forearm i.e. from the inside of the elbow to the wrist and on the reverse side of the palm/back [dorsal] side of the hand. In case the tattoos are obscene, vulgar or objectionable the DDG [Prs]/Comdt GREF centre will decide on the acceptability or unacceptability of the applicant
  • Any amputation can affect the working efficiency of the individual

Ground for the temporary rejection:

The below-mentioned conditions can lead to the temporary rejection of the candidate.

There are a total of 9 grounds for the temporary rejection. They are mentioned below:

  • BMI above 30. It should be below 30 within 3 months only then it will be accepted
  • Hepatosplenomegaly
  • Anemia
  • Gynecomastia
  • Acute infection of the respiratory tract
  • Phimosis, fissure  or abscesses
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins
  • Hydrocele, hernia, varicocele
  • Plantar Warts
  • Tinea Cruis, Scabies, Eczema, etc.
  • Pityriasis Versicolor
  • Few decayed teeth [correction, if done with dentures, is acceptable]
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Defect in visions [correction with glasses on both sides will be accepted]
  • Pterygium

Acceptance of candidates with minor defects

The conditions are mentioned below

Applicants who have a mild degree of the following defects may be accepted:

  1. Tinea versicolor [only after the treatment]
  2. A mild degree of varices
  3. Slight hammertoe
  4. The slight curvature of the leg
  5. Perforation in the eardrums which has healed and is closed leaving a health scare [Tympanoplasty don]
  6. A mild degree of phimosis or hypospadias
  7. Mild hyperhidrosis
  8. Slight stuttering
  9. Healed trachoma without any residual gross deformity
  10. Healed perforation of ears drums
  11. A slight degree of Varicocele or undescended testis [not arrested in inguinal region]
  12. A mild degree of Saphena Varix
  13. Mild bow legs [inter condylar distance 7 cms]
  14. Mild knock knee [intern malleloic distance 5 cms]
  15. Mild flat feet but flexible and Hammer’s toes
  16. DNS is acceptable after the treatment
  17. In case of other slight defects, the Recruiting Medical Officer should not interfere with the work efficiency of the candidate in future provided that the applicant confirms the prescribed medical standards in all respects 
  18. If there is a mild problem it should be recorded in the documents
  19. The authorities must take an undertaking from the candidate stating that there is no history of seizures, leprosy, diabetes, tuberculosis or HIV infection
  20. Additionally, the cases of the past healed operations should be noted in the medical case sheet
  21. The relaxation is permitted in the case of the recruit who conforms to the prescribed standards of the measurement

The time limit for clearance of any unfit by the High Reviewing Authority:

  • All the cases of permanent unfit candidates will be reviewed by a higher medical authority
  • The review should be one declaring him unfit within the one-month duration
  • Temporary unfit cases should also be reviewed by the authorities within 3 months [90 days] to clear him and declare him as fit/unfit for the position
  • In cases where the applicant is suffering from minor defects is accepted the Medical Board must satisfy themselves that their condition will not affect the efficiency in any ay as subordinate serving in BRO
  • The defects should be noted in the medical history sheet if the above-mentioned defects are accepted by the authorities
  • Applicants suffering from minor health problems such as sores, shoe bites, common cold, cough that will last for only a few days can be accepted
  • Medical Board officers should satisfy themselves that the disease can be cured in a few days without any indoor treatment 
  • Additionally, the applicant unless is not required to meet the urgent demands should be advised to get the required treatment and come again
  • If the candidate with a minor disease of any nature is accepted no entry should be made of the disease in the medical history sheet GREF/MED/2A
  • The decision of the Medical board concerned with rejection in case of medical standards will be final

Medical examination and medical tests:

  • All the medical examinations and tests will be carried out according to the guidelines of the notification for the provisionally selected candidates
  • The medical examination will be carried out by the medical board and nominated by the HQ DGBR

The guidelines to declare the candidate permanently or temporary unfit are mentioned below:

  • After checking the documents properly the Officer In Charge should hand over the medical papers with passport size photographs of the selected candidates to the board of the respective recruitment centre including the GREF centre Candidates must report as per the schedule decided by the medical examination of the provisionally selected candidates will be carried out by the two medical officers at each recruitment centre including the GREF centre
  • The Medical Board will examine the medical fitness of the candidates according to the guidelines
  • Applicants found medically fit or unfit will be informed of the result by the Medical Board themselves so that they can get a clear idea of their positions
  • In case the medical officer requires the opinion of the specialist the case can be referred to the Military Hospital or any service/ Army Hospitals on the day of the OPD of the concerned specialist doctor
  • The doctor can personally the candidate about the medical examination conducted at the Military Hospital and the further procedures
  • The medical papers containing the information of the fit or unfit candidates will be given to the recruiting section/Mobile Regional Recruitment Team day of the medical examination but not later than 5 days of examination
  • All the details of the cases referred to the Military Hospitals or any Service/Army Hospitals must be informed by the Medical Board to Recruiting Section simultaneously
  • All the referred cases returned by the medical specialist should be reviewed by the concerned authorities that will be disposed of by the Regimental Medical Officer according to the remarks of the Specialist and the Recruiting Section should be informed simultaneously by the Regimental Medical Officer

Temporary unfit:

Candidates declared temporarily unfit will be divided into two categories. They are mentioned below:

Temporary unfit due to medical reasons:

Candidates in the case who are considered temporary unfit will be informed about their disability in writing from the Medical Board and Officer in charge of recruiting or Board of Officer or Mobile Regional Recruitment Team. These candidates can appeal against the medical examination conducted by the centre and the appeal should be made within 60 days from the date of being declared temporarily unfit initially by the Medical Board of Recruitment Centre. Candidates should appear in the medical examination by the specialist 5 days in advance with an appeal and they will be referred to the concerned specialist of the nearest Military Hospital/Service Hospital for review. Additionally, these candidates are not required to submit Rs. 40 as fees for the re- medical examination. If they have declared unfit again on re-examination their candidature will be cancelled automatically. After their medical examination if the applicant is found fit the whole process must be completed in six months from the initial medical examination. If the case is not completed within 6 months the candidature of the candidate will be cancelled automatically.

Temporary Unfit for being below physical standards:

Applicants declared temporarily unfit due to various physical standards will be informed about their disability in writing from the Medical Board and Officer In charge of recruiting or Board of Officer or Mobile Regional Recruitment Team. Candidates if are not satisfied with the physical measurements they will be examined once again by the Medical Board in presence of the concerned authorities. The examination will be conducted at the GREF centre. Candidates declared temporarily unfit for being below physical standards in weight or chest measurement will be given a reasonable time not exceeding two months from the date of initial medical examination for stating the desired standards. After measurement, if the candidate is found fit the process of the induction must be completed within six months from the initial medical examination. If the induction is not completed within six months then the candidature will be cancelled.

Candidates will be declared permanently unfit if they fall in the below-mentioned categories:

Permanently unfit due to medical reasons:

Candidates declared permanently unfit by the Medical Board will be informed by the authorities in writing. Such candidates have the right to appeal against the medical examination within 60 days of being permanently unfit. In such cases, candidates should report at the GREF centre or recruitment zone 5 days in advance with an appeal for re medical examination. The Medical Board will then refer these candidates to the nearest hospital on review certificate in duplicate. These candidates should submit Rs 40 at SBI before re medical examination. If all these cases are declared unfit again on review by the concerned specialist they will not be given further chance for their re-medical examination or review and their candidature will be cancelled. After their medical examination if the candidates are found ft the whole process of induction must be completed within six months from the date of initial medical examination. If it is not completed then the candidature will be cancelled automatically.

Permanently unfit for being below physical standards:

If the candidates are declared permanently unfit by the Medical Board for being below physical standards concerning heigh or weight then applicants cannot appeal. If the candidates are protesting against physical measurements they will be once again measured by the Medical Board in presence of the higher authorities on the very same day.

Visual standards:

Candidates whose visual activity is not less than 6/12 in each eye or right eye 6/6, left 6/24. Corrective spectacles are allowed during the visual test. Unaided vision in case of the corrected eye will not be below 6/60 in each eye and on correction will b the same as found in other results.


Applicants who have undergone abdominal surgery such as hernia, muscle defect or nephrolithotomy, cholelithiasis, colectomy are unfit for one year according to the rules. Provision of medical appeal for permanent unfit cases remains the same that is within 2 months. In such cases, candidates can follow the eye surgery criteria.

Medical fitness:

Only the medical fit candidates are eligible for the appointment under the provisions of these rules.

  • BRO is a Central Government Organization with India transfer liabilities
  • It is governed by the Central Civil Services Rules 
  • Many provisions of the Army Act 1950 are also applicable to the members of the forces
  • The final selection of the candidates will be done by the Staff Selection Commission and GREF centres Candidates must pass the medical fitness test
  • The headquarters of the Medical Board will carry out a fitness test of the candidates according to the SSC and GREF centres
  • Candidates that will be declared fit by the Medical Board will be inducted into the General Reserve Engineer Force [BRO] subject to fulfilment of all other criteria and have to undergo initial training at the GREF centre
  • After completing the training they will be posted in any part of India as per the vacancies

Cancellation of candidature:

If in case the candidate is absent on the date reporting for the Medical Examination or during the examination or does not report for the review within the time limit his candidature will be cancelled automatically. No representation or appeal will be entertained by the department.

Power to relax rules:

According to the Central Government if it is necessary by the order and for the reason to be recorded in writing, relax any of the provisions of these rules concerning any class or category of persons it should be provided.


Nothing in these rules will affect the reservation, relaxation of the age limit and other concessions required to be provided for the SC, ST, Ex-servicemen and other special categories of persons following the orders issued by the Central Government from time to time in this regard.