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Who Were The Guhilas Of Sisodias Of Mewar?

Sisodia dynasty is Chattari Rajputs of the Suryavanshi who administered the Mewar land. Guhila dynasty lords first as Gurjara-Pratihara vassals between the eighth and tenth hundreds of years.

The genealogy of Mewar follows the beginning of the Mewar. And one of the most established serving lines, it follows its foundations to the Guhlia dynasty. Generally, talking about the heritage of the House of Mewar starts from the extraordinary hero, Bappa Rawal. He was dependent on the option to manage and work as a Trustee of the State of Mewar. The hundreds of years, which passed from that point on, have seen numerous long periods of cautious battle in the combat zone to safeguard the honour of the State of Mewar by progressive rulers. The statistical data points to this long and most esteemed History of the House of Mewar.

History of Sisodia dynasty

The Sisodia dynasty (in any other case referred to as Shishodia, Shishodya, Sisodiya, Sisodia) are Chattari Rajputs of the Suryavanshi ancestry who administered the area of Mewar in Rajasthan. Before Rana Hamir, the institution was called Gehlot or Guhilot.

During islamic invasion,as indicated with the aid of legend, the activities following as much as the sack of  Chittor, of the Rajput changed into clear. 

During battle, Most scuffling with men had fallen at some point of the primary assault of Chittor. While seeking to cowl any trace of failure, all Rajput men grappled over the past ranges and met inevitable demise. Rani Padmini submitted Jauhar or self-immolation in the suggested sun time with all Rajput women. 

Youngsters of the institution were not in the citadel at some point of the assault. For this reason, the heredity was due. Among the survivors changed into Hammer, who hailed from Sisoda city. Hamir’s Queen and young lady of Mal Dev Songira assisted him with getting better at Chittoor. sooner or later, Rana Hamir restored rule over Chittor following sixteen years of Muslim occupation. His tribe was renamed Sisodia after their city of “Sisodia”.

Journal information

Sisodias assured their plummet from Lord Rama – who changed into from the Raghav (Raghuvanshi) institution of Suryavanshi line. Ruler Rama is the legend of the famed Hindu top-notch Ramayana, and consequently, the Sisodias assure they drop thru his child, Luv.

They assure that the banner of Luv and consequently the badge of ‘Sun’ that is adorned on a ruby lower back floor shudder on their bulwarks. The own circle of relatives asserts that they’d moved from Lahore that changed into in any other case referred to as ‘Lohkot’ or ‘Lavasthali’ to Chittoor or Shiv Desh. The gotras of sisodias is Vaishampayan. The Lord Jaharveer Goga Ji had been from a Sisodia own circle of relatives.

History of Ghuliya dynasty

The Guhila administration governed the Medapata district in the present-day Rajasthan province of India. The Guhila dynasty lords first controlled as Gurjara-Pratihara vassals between the eighth and tenth centuries. Their capitals included Nagahrada and Agatha. Thus, they are otherwise called the Nagda-Ahar part of the Guild. The Guhilas expected sway after the decay of the Gurjara-Pratiharas. During the eleventh, thirteenth hundreds of years, they were associated with military contention with a few of their neighbours, including the Paramaras, the Chahamanas, the Delhi Sultanate, the Chalukyas, and the Vaghelas.

The administration was separated into two branches. The senior branch controlled from Chitrakuta and finished with Ratna Simha’s loss against the Delhi Sultanate at the 1303 Siege of Chittorgarh. The lesser branch governed from Sesoda with the title Rana and brought about the Sisodia Rajput line.


Maharana pratap singh was the first king of the Mewar. He was the most powerful king of the era. The Sisodia dynasty are Chattari Rajputs of the Suryavanshi (in any other case referred to as Shishodia, Shishodya, Sisodiya, Sisodia).Bappa rawal has started the ghuliua dynasty and hamir singh begin the tradition of sisodiya rajputs.  The article has provided a detailed study about the sisodia dynasty and the ghulias dynasty in detail. The history and the administration, general information, and the founders of the dynasties in detail. 


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