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Importance of a Holistic Perspective

Learn about the importance of holistic perspective in life and the workplace. Learn more about holistic perspective with characteristics and examples.

A holistic perspective is the overall nourishment of human life. It is about attaining better mental and spiritual health with immaculate physical health. A balanced lifestyle without stress and fear of failure will bring more productivity. 

Keeping a journal of things and self-affirmations are some of the holistic perspective characteristics. The importance of a holistic perspective is a broader topic to discuss nowadays. There are several incidents worth mentioning as a holistic perspective example. Practising a holistic approach will make you a better person inside and out.

What is a holistic perspective?

A holistic perspective is seeing ourselves as a whole. It is the processed thought that every person is different and everyone will face situations differently, yet everything is interconnected. A holistic perspective is more of a philosophical aspect. 

It is a practice of viewing someone as a sum of physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual forms. It is the bigger picture of everything that happens around us. From a holistic perspective, we stop judging people for being themselves. Also, we can feel the draining of exhausted minds and depression from us. It helps us to become more aware of the situation. It enhances the ability to connect with people more cautiously.

The importance of a holistic perspective is a matter of discussion in workplaces. Because a person’s mental and emotional well-being should also be considered with his physical strength. A less holistic person will have more profound regrets or complexes that can negatively impact his career. It is always advised to deal with the co-workers or workers in a sympathetic mode, understanding their psychology. Most job burnouts happen due to considering the workforce as physical only.

Imagine yourself as the chief of a digital marketing company. One of your workers introduced a section to a technology website about movies. You scolded him for adding a movie section to the techie website. You didn’t see the idea behind it. But your worker had the broad picture. He said it doesn’t matter how much content is posted there. People come to this website and they need some clickbait or entertainment. Since people visit the website, eventually, Google will rank them high and more users will come – now you see the broader picture!

It is just an explanation for the importance of a holistic perspective. All you have to do is listen, ask and check with the people around you before digesting your conclusion.

Characteristics of holistic perspective

Holistic perspective characteristics are viewing a person physically and mentally, and emotionally. Like the same, we might want to work on ourselves. Assign more time to learn about yourself. Understanding your fears and conquering the challenges will help you keep track of holistic perspectives.

  • Practice learning and creating a plan for everything. This will help you be prepared for every scenario, and you will be less anxious.

  • Make it a habit to learn continuously and fight yourself to quit early in the journey. Every habit is hard to start until you get used to it.

  • Understand your abilities and explore them rather than focus on the unbeatable.  Focus on the things you can do properly and be better at them.

  • Build a spiritual and practical infrastructure to analyse yourself; meditate or start a bond with your holy spirit. It will give a sense of calmness.

  • Create a record or journal of every plan and every important thing. It helps you to keep organised and prepared.

  • Self-affirmation of your abilities.

Examples of holistic perspective

A folktale can best describe the importance of a holistic perspective. You must have heard about six blind men going to see an elephant. The person who felt the elephant’s leg said it was like a tree. The one who touched the tail said it is like a rope. The man touched his ear and thought it was like a fan. One person said the elephant is like a spear as he felt the tusk. The one felted trunk thought it was a snake. The last one screamed out to them; it was like a wall-he touched the elephant’s body.

It is the perfect example to describe the importance of a holistic perspective. Everyone is adamant about their ideologies –that’s the problem. You can see a more comprehensive picture when you learn to accept others’ views and co-exist.


A holistic perspective is not a perspective from one angle. It is a lifestyle of balancing everything about a human. It is the change to a healthy food habit or meditating every day. It can be working out for one hour and practising gratitude. 

Keeping a journal will make you feel organised. You are doing something nice to someone and checking on other people to understand their psychology and come together with a holistic perspective.

When you are experiencing or practising a holistic perspective in your life, you will understand people much better and act according to that. It is why workplaces demand a person with a holistic approach.


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