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What is National Development

What is national development? What are the aspects covered under national development? Find the answer to this question and access a vast question bank that is customized for students.


The economist John Vaisey defines:

“The overall influence of all human forces and the increase to the inventory of physical, human capital, knowledge, and skill” is the definition of national development. 

The concept known as “national development” encompasses a lot of ground. It encompasses all facets of an individual’s life as well as the life of a nation.

It takes a holistic approach to the problem. It is a process that involves both the reconstruction and development of numerous aspects of a nation as well as the development of individuals.

It encompasses the whole growth as well as the expansion of our societal, religious, and cultural institutions, as well as our agricultural and manufacturing sectors. In addition to this, the term “national development” refers to the improvement of an entire nation. The term “national development” refers to the improvement of a country in all areas, including the political, economic, social, cultural, scientific, and material spheres. 

The capacity of a nation to enhance its citizens’ standard of living is an indicator of the nation’s level of development. It is possible to accomplish this by offering them the essential components of a means of subsistence, such as employment opportunities,equal status, etc.

A rise in people’s median income is a result of economic expansion. Literacy, health, and the expansion of publicly provided services are all components of social progress..

The following is a list of the components that make up national development:

Improvement of conditions in rural areas

Increasing the amount of food produced through agriculture

 Broadening the  understanding of economics

Managing population increase in highly populated areas

Elimination of all forms of poverty.