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JEE QBank Youtube Channel – ONE STOP SOLUTION for IIT JEE Preparation, Practice, and Revision, Where you will be practicing for Physics by Kailash Sir, Mathematics by Anna Sir, and Physical Chemistry by Ashish Bibyan Sir ( Top educators from Unacademy).

Here you will find topic-wise JEE Mains and Advanced level problems and PYQs in a very systematic manner. We provide you PDFs of every session, and with each question, there are QR codes and links that will redirect you to the video solution.

Sr. NoTopic NameEducatorPDF drive link
111th Physics Chapter 09 – Rotational MotionKailash Sharma SirDownload
2IIT JEE Mains & Advanced Maths Questions By ANNA SirANNA SirDownload
3JEE Mains & Advance Physical Chemistry PYQs By ASHISH SirAshish Bibyan SirDownload
411th Physics Chapter 05 – Newtons Laws of MotionKailash Sharma SirDownload
511th Physics Chapter 08 – Center of Mass Revision and PracticeKailash Sharma SirDownload
611th Physics Kinematics – Rectilinear, Projectile and Relative MotionKailash Sharma SirDownload
7PYQs Physics JEE Advanced 2022 Paper SolutionKailash Sharma SirDownload
8Complete Revision Course 12th NCERT Chapter 1 ElectrostaticKailash Sharma SirDownload
9Mole Concept | Conceptual Questions JEE 2023Ashish Bibyan SirDownload
10Rectilinear MotionKailash Sharma SirDownload
1111th Physics Simple Harmonic MotionKailash Sharma SirDownload
12Equivalent ConceptAshish Bibyan SirDownload