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VDU Full Form

This article will highlight the full form of VDU along with its definition and importance and need.

Visual Display Unit which is an abbreviation of VDU which stands for Visual Display Unit. VDUs are devices that are capable of displaying computer images to a computer monitor. These images are created by a processor or graphics card within your computer.

The history of VDU is not clear but it has been in use since the 1950’s. A computer monitor displays a visual display that uses pixels of light to display information and images. In CRT monitors each pixel is controlled by a tiny electron gun which controls the brightness at various points on the screen. The light from the screen is reflected from the phosphor coating back at you, which makes for easier viewing within your monitor, but also creates Electromagnetic Radiation to some degree.

Uses of VDU:

Nowadays VDUs are used in various fields like home appliances, cars, mobile phones and so on. The first use of VDU was in a television set which was developed by Bell Labs in the 1950’s.  The visual display unit is used to display images on the screen. The pictures shown on the TV look amazing though it seems a blurry image at times but still we can’t miss this wonderful display inside our living room. 

The image on our VDU is created by millions of tiny light particles called pixels which are arranged in vertical and horizontal lines (A pixel is one picture element). Every physical dot has a color that can be changed by altering the intensity of the light from each pixel. The VDU makes use of Solid State Displays or CRT monitors which operate on the synchronisation of cathode ray tube voltages controlled by the electron gun of a computer.

Modern VDUs consist of a number of small picture elements called pixels, each one having a red, a green and a blue light value. Each pixel is connected to the appropriate circuit so that its color can be changed by varying its voltage level. The electric color values for red, green and blue are combined to produce full-color images.

VDU technicalities:

The screen is illuminated from behind with approximately 100-200V AC depending upon the type and model of monitor, usually supplied through an external transformer in an all-metal case.

Importance of VDU:

VDU is a relatively high-tech device which plays a vital role in our day to day life. Even at home we see the alarm clock, TV and many other devices which are working on VDU. We make use of VDU mostly in our office jobs and also in classrooms. We can hardly imagine how busy our lives will be without a VDU to display any information that might be required in the workplace with such ease and effortlessness.

In schools, the monitors help us learn various things e.g. mathematical formulas, geographical locations, names of various places to the students and so on. Students can easily view the information with the help of a VDU.

Even the monitors in offices are used to display various things like reports, graphs and presentations. The use of VDU is widespread all over the globe and it seems no one can survive without it. VDUs can be used in homes or colleges, they are used by students or by anyone who wants to see difficult text on a monitor clearly. Normally, people use computers for different things like typing letters, completing reports, editing images and playing games. The processor inside your computer sends information about graphics to your monitor that displays it as an image on your screen which you see as a computer image on your screen.

Nowadays, visual displays are being used in almost every field. There are many software programs that can be used to create eye-catching visuals and multimedia with the help of VDU. VDU is used as a display device by numerous applications such as word processing and database applications. Apart from this, VDU helps us in playing games, watching movies, reading books, listening to music and photos etc. Basically VDU offers us a colorful way of living life.

Significance of VDU:

Visual display unit or VDU is a device that has been designed in such a way so that it can assist us in viewing information displayed on the screen. The significance of VDU is immense, it does not need to be explained. In every field of life, we do get to see a computer monitor and it also helps us work on various things like software development, games etc.

The most crucial application of VDUs is within the electronic industry. They are used in electronic equipment like microcomputers and other similar equipment. They are used to display high resolution images and text on the screen. They are made from many different parts like transistors, capacitors, resistors and other components.

VDU is a complicated device but still the demand for these devices is increasing day by day, it is simply because they make life easier. The VDU plays an important role in our daily lives in various fields like our studies, homes and corporate offices. They are an essential part of our lives which we can’t live without them.

VDU Technicalities:

The VDU consists of several areas. An area is a specific group of pixels that are displayed on a computer monitor. The VDU consists of three areas, i.e., the cursor area where the mouse pointer is displayed, the text area where text is displayed and the graphics area which is for images, charts, etc. These areas are superimposed on top of each other.

The VDU is generally controlled by drivers, which have to be installed into your computer’s operating system and in some cases the drivers have to be installed separately from a CD or diskette that came along with your computer’s VDU.


VDU is a display device used for showing images on a screen. It consists of millions of tiny light particles called pixels, which are arranged in vertical and horizontal lines to form the image. Measuring the color and brightness of each pixel is done by controlling the electron gun at every point on the screen and therefore forming an image. Such devices are used as computers and portable devices as well, but still more than 80% are used as computers.


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What is the exact definition of a VDU?

Ans. Definition of a VDU is a display device or video monitor.

What is VDU used for?

Ans. VDU is used for displaying graphics or videos and playing games.

Where do we use a VDU?

Ans. We use a VDU in our homes, offices, schools and colleges. Even the hospitals use it to display reports to the p...Read full

Is it difficult to use a VDU?

Ans. No, it is very easy to use a VDU. All you need is getting familiarity with it. Once you are familiar with it th...Read full