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The Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) is the lowest qualification that is required in India to be able to apply for the post of a teacher from class I to VIII. The test is administered to fulfil the purposes of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education, a policy initiated by the government of India in 2009.


Undoubtedly, teachers are one of the most important members of our society. They have been leading all of us on our ways of success and becoming able citizens of the nation. The person we are today is because of the teachers who have made us ready for this moment. Being taught by an educator in youth, we create a base for ourselves for our whole life. Teachers are one of the main pillars which create the future of a person. In that context, the government has passed various tests to get some eligible and knowledgeable educators. One of them is the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), which has been successfully operating since 2009. 

What is the TET exam?

The teacher eligibility test (TET) is an exam taken by the government annually for recruiting teachers for government schools in India. It is considered as the minimum qualification that is required by an individual to be eligible to become a teacher for classes I to VIII. The exam was started as a result of one of the most famous policies of the government, the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act. 

Aims of the TET exam

The teacher eligibility test is primarily intended for establishing a nationwide benchmark for calling up the maximum quality teachers under the Act. Further, it helps in improving the standards of the educational institutions in India. Not only the institution, but it also helps in improving the efficacy of its students as well. The exam focuses on setting the standards set by the state and central government for the need for quality teachers in India.

Who is responsible for conducting the TET exam?

It is the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) that has all the primary powers for administering the teacher eligibility test (TET) in India. The list of tasks done by CBSE includes the maintenance of the database for the teacher eligibility test, guiding the other government bodies over the conduct of the TET exam and managing the syllabus that needs to be included. With the help of TET, teachers would be recruited for posts like PRTs for Classes I to V, PGTs for classes XI to XII and TGTs for classes VI to X. 

Eligibility criteria for TET

To be able to appear for the Teacher Eligibility Test, one needs to clear all the eligibility criteria under the same. 

1)The person should have a bachelor’s degree from an acknowledged university. 

2) He/she should have passed with a minimum of 45% marks in his graduation. 

3) To be able to apply further, one also has to have elementary education degrees like B.Ed and Bachelor of Elementary Education. 

Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) Syllabus

One should be able to know his/her area of interest with the help of the detailed syllabus that has been provided. The test is conducted in two phases where one is for classes I to V and the other phase is for the teachers of Class VI to VIII. Being a multiple-choice-based test, one mark is allotted with every right answer a person gives. Interestingly, there is no such kind of negative marking in this exam which makes it less frightening for the teachers applying for this. 

Paper I

This phase of the exam from class I to V is based on basic subjects like Child development, Mathematics, Languages and Environmental studies having an allocation of 30 marks each.


This phase of examination includes subjects like science, social studies, languages, child development, and mathematics. Here, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics have a share of 60 marks each. On the other hand, the other subjects only have an allocation of 30 marks each. 

How to apply for the TET?

1)First of all, the person has to visit the official website of TET. 

2) Next, you will find a registration link on your desktop. Click that and you will reach the personal details page. 

3)After having completed the personal details page and looking carefully at the information, you can submit your MAHA TET registration form.

4) The next step which comes is to log in with the registered user-id and password that was created at the previous stage. 

5) Fill out the application form that comes in front of you. 

6) Upload all the necessary documents required for the successful submission. 

7) Most importantly, don’t forget to save the form and then submit it. 


We should try to serve our nation in the best reasonable way. Being a teacher provides you with a lot of responsibility for carrying the future of an individual towards the ladder of success. It is the teacher who builds up the beginning life of the children and this is where the mentality of the child is built up. TET is indeed an understandable exam that requires you to have even a ground-level knowledge about the subjects so that this quality teacher can base up the future of the citizens of India. No doubt, Covid has disrupted the normal working of the various schedules. But it is the teachers who will guide us ahead.


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