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Operation Meghdoot (13 April 1984): 16 April 2024

For the first time, Eurasian Otter was fitted with a tracking device in Satpura Tiger Reserve.

About Operation Meghdoot (13 April 1984):

  • Operation Meghdoot was the codename for the Indian Army operation to take full control of the Siachen Glacier in Ladakh. 
  • Objective: to prevent the Pakistan Army from seizing control of the Sia La and Bilafond La passes.
  • It was the first military operation  of its kind. 
  • It resulted  in Indian forces gaining full control of the Siachen Glacier.
  • Indian Army remains the first and only army in the world to have deployed tanks and other heavy equipment at altitudes of over 5,000 meters. 

Strategic Importance of Siachen Glacier:

  • It sets the boundary between Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent. 
  • Saltoro Ridge in  Siachen acts as a division that averts the linkage of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir with China directly, prohibiting the two from developing geographical military alliances. 

Why in news?

April 13, 2024 marks forty years of Operation Meghdoot.