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Hindustani Music Vocal

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Hindustani Music Vocal Syllabus for Standard 11th

The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE conducts examinations every year. Below is the detailed syllabus of Hindustani Music Vocal given. Students can access it to get an idea about the type of topics included in the course curriculum. 

Unit 1

  • Brief of the following
    • Nada
    • Thaat
    • Tala
    • Swar
    • Laya
    • Saptak
    • Jati
    • Shruti
  • Brief study of the following
    • Margi- Desi
    •  Raga

Unit 2

  • Brief History of the following
    • Dhrupad
    •   Tarana
    • Khayal

Unit 3

  • Brief study of Musical Elements in Natya Shastra
  • Life sketch and contribution of Tansen, V.N. Bhatkhande and
  • V.D.Paluskar

Unit 4

  • Description of Prescribed Talas along with Tala Notation with Thah, Dugun and Chaugun
  • Teentala
  • Ektala
  • Chautala
  • Knowledge of the Structure of Tanpura

Unit 5

  • Critical study of Prescribed Ragas along with Recognizing Ragas from phrases of Swaras and elaborating them excluding Raga Jaunpuri
  • Writing in natation the compositions of Prescribed Ragas Bihag
  • Bhairavi
  • Bhimpalasi 


  1. One vilambit Khayal with simple elaborations and few tanas in any one of the prescribed Ragas.
  2. One Dhrupad with Dugun in any one of the prescribed Ragas.
  3. One Drut Khayal with simple elaboration and few tanas in the following Ragas- bihag, Bhairavi and Bhimpalasi.
  4. One Devotional Songs.
  5. Recitation of the Thekas of Teentala, Chautala and Ektala with Dugun and Chaugun, keeping Tala with hand beats.
  6.  Ability to recognize the prescribed Ragas from the phrases of Swaras rendered by the Examiner.