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Hindustani Music Percussion

Click here to access to the Hindustani Music Percussion Syllabus for Standard 11th.

The class 11th students must have the CBSE syllabus to prepare for the upcoming examinations. Below is mentioned the compiled Hindustani Music Percussion curriculum of 11th standard. It is as follows: 

Unit 1

  • Description of the Talas prescribed for Class XI
  • Description of the following
    • Kala 
    • Laya Sangeet

Unit 2

  • Brief knowledge of Natyashastra with special reference to Awanaddh Vadya

Unit 3

  • Short life sketch of
    • Nana Panse
    • Kudau Singh

Unit 4

  • Salient feature of Kudau Singh Gharana of Pakhawaj
  • Brief knowledge on Banaras Gharana 

Unit 5

  • Ability to do Tala Notation of compositions in prescribed Talas
  • Prescribed Talas
    • Teentala 
    • Adi Tala Jhaptala 
    •  Sul tala
  • Ability to write in notation of the prescribed Talas and compositions in Thah (Barabar), Dugun, Chaugunlaya


  1. Ability to play One Kayadas / Relas two Chakradar Tukras or Parans, two Sadharan Tukras or Paranin Jhaptala or Sultala.
  2. Knowledge of Playing Thekas of Teentala or Adi Tala, Jhaptala or Sultala, Ektala or Chautala.
  3. Ability to play two advance Kayadas, oneRela, two Chakardar Tukras or Parans, inTeentala/Aditala.
  4. Accompaniment of Vocal or Instrumental Music with Ektala or Chautala in different layas.
  5. Knowledge of playing Bedam Tihai in prescribed Talas.
  6. Solo performance of 10-15 minutes in Teental/Aditala.