Want to know the latest CBSE Class 11 2022 Exam subject-wise syllabus? Here is the complete syllabus for Entrepreneurship.

Students can access the syllabus of Entrepreneurship as it is mentioned below. It will help them in preparing for the examination. 

Unit 1: Entrepreneurship: Concept and Functions

  • Why Entrepreneurship for You
  • Entrepreneurship –  Concept, Functions and Need  
  • Advantages and Limitations of Entrepreneurship   
  • Myths about Entrepreneurship  
  • Entrepreneurship – The Indian Scenario 
  • Process of Entrepreneurship  

Unit 2: An Entrepreneur 

  • Types of Entrepreneurs  
  • Why be an Entrepreneur  
  • Entrepreneurial Values, Attitudes and Motivation  
  • Competencies and characteristics  
  • Intrapreneur- Meaning and Importance  

Unit 3: Entrepreneurship Journey

  • Feasibility Study and opportunity assessment 
  • Idea generation
  •  Execution of Business Plan  
  • Business Plan: meaning, purpose and elements  

Unit 4: Entrepreneurship as Innovation and Problem Solving 

  • Innovations and Entrepreneurial Ventures – Global and Indian  
  • Entrepreneurs as problem solvers  
  • Social Entrepreneurship – Concept  
  • Role of Technology – E-commerce and Social Media  

Unit 5: Understanding the Market 

  • Micro and Macro Market Environment  
  • Market: Concept, Types  
  • Marketing Mix
  • Market Research – Concept, Importance and Process  

Unit 6: Business Finance and Arithmetic 

  • Types of Costs – Variable, Startup, and Fixed  
  • Unit of Sale, Unit Price and Unit Cost – for a single product or service 
  • Break-Even Analysis – for a single product or service  

Unit 7: Resource Mobilization 

  • Types of Resources 
    • Physical
    • Financial 
    • Human
    • Intangible
  • Selection and utilization of human resources and professionals like 
    • Auditors
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Board Members